What does one confess?

I am newly returned to the Church in the past year. I have been to confession, had my marriage blessed, gone through RCIA for kids with 2 of my kids, they are baptized, confirmed, received FHC and done their first reconciliation. We are at mass every Sunday. Things are going good.

My first time back to confession was difficult, it had been over 20 years. I got through it, it was very hard, and some what incomplete that first time, but i returned and had a good confession the following visit, it wasn’t any easier, but I was emotionally better prepared. I have been a few times since, but I am really struggling now. I had a good 20 years to cover before, but now, I’m not living the wild life, so while I was ashamed, and distraught to admit all my wrong doing, there was things that needed to be said in those first confessions. But now, ‘the big stuff’ is all said. Where do I go from here? When there are no mortal sins, what does one confess?


Well, you begin to fine tune: things like bad mouthing other people, being preoccupied with self, maybe some vanity, fudging on the truth about things—these sorts of things.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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