What does 'prayer for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff' mean?

This is a requirement for plenary indulgences. I’m not sure if that means we are supposed to pray for the Pope, or pray for his intentions that he issues on a monthly basis. Could someone clear that up?

Yes, each month the Holy Father lists his prayer intentions for that month. In support of the Pope, we are called upon to pray for his intentions. Here is a link which may help.

We were always taught to add the three prayers for his intention.

Our Father.
Hail Mary.
Glory Be.

How does that work?

At the very end, after the hail holy queen, memorae and st michael.


You need to say these also as part of the plenary indulgence.

So saying those 3 prayers for the Holy Father is what that means? And not praying for the intentions he announces on a monthly basis?

THIS answers my question:


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