What does pride really mean?


proud to be an american
proud parents of an honor student
i’m proud of teammates for winning the game
taking pride in my work

i can’t see these being sinful

if i buy a new outfit, i’m wearing it so that i look good because i want to be happy with myself and how people see me. i also like to record music, not only because i enjoy music and like to hear it, but also so that other people can hear it and it would make me happy that i can show off my talents.

is there another definition that makes pride sinful?
or should i drastically chnage my lifestyle?



We’re talking about spiritual pride, as in “Oh Lord, look at how much better I am than other people!”

The antidote for this is a simple, heartfelt prayer:

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

If you can pray that and mean it, you’re doing a good job of working on any spiritual pride you have.

We all need to keep working on this.


Another example of sinful pride is “I have overcome sin and temptation”, as opposed to “Lord, help me be on guard, lest I fall astray”.


[quote=Psalm 10:4]In his pride the wicked does not seek Him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.

[quote=Saint Aquinas]inordinate self-love is the cause of every sin.

[quote=Saint Augustine]the love of one’s own excellence.

In my opinion I agree with ‘The Stig’ explanation:

[quote=The Stig]We’re talking about spiritual pride, as in “Oh Lord, look at how much better I am than other people!”

With a probable addition of even thinking you’re above God himself.

God Bless.



The sin of pride goes well beyond merely feeling inordinately good about one’s self, or one’s accomplishments.

The sin of pride is a sin of the will, not a sin of feelings. It is the sin one commits when one places one’s will above the will of God. It is not merely failing to conform one’s will to the will of God – everyone does that; all fall short. This sin is committed when one knows what God’s will is, but chooses to act at the direction of one’s own will where it differs from the will of God.

Many who misunderstand the teachings of the Church think that the greatest possible sins are sexual in nature. They are not. Pride is the sin that led to the fall of mankind – a direct act of will contrary to the expressed and know will of God. Mind you, in this society, the confusion regarding sexually based sins (which can indeed be serious, for sure) is understandable, since society utterly disregards the will of God in matters of sexual morality, and encourages people to do the same.

It is sometimes useful to consider the opposite of pride, humility, to get some insight. Humility has nothing to do with smart people saying they are dumb, or courageous people saying they are cowards. Consider a craftsman - say, a cathedral builder. He comes upon a beautiful cathedral he built, and one another craftsman built, and he is equally appreciates and proclaims the beauty of both. That’s humility. And it is not pride when he is appropriately moved by the beauty of the one he built.

In his writings, C.S. Lewis made very good arguments for considering pride to be the “master sin.”




The sin of pride is a sin of the will, not a sin of feelings.



Pride, as in hubris. You feel you, yourself, are all you need to be okay while leaving God out of the picture, the very thing that caused the fall of Satan.


Pridefulness in the Catholic sense of the word is putting yourself before God.


Actually I was under the impression that ‘pride’ was thinking more of oneself than one should. I guess in the broadest sense this could be argued as putting oneself before God but not really in the more mundane sense.


The sinful pride is the sin of arrogance - the sin of satan. This means you think you can do things on your own without God and that you know better than God. It is the opposite of humility, which means acknowledging our need for God in order to obtain salvation.

Don’t feel guilty about showing off a new outfit - everyone wants to look nice :thumbsup:


Yes. And thanks for your insight.


Yes. That’s exactly what satan did, and we all know where that got him. Satan also tried to talk Adam and Eve into gaining the knowledge of good and evil (to become like God). Pride = putting yourself before God, or I guess, WITH God.


Yes. And that’s even what Adam and Eve did, as well. They put themselves before God.


Refuse to admit your faults.
Refuse to seek God.
Refuse to Forgive others.
Refuse to live a life of virtue.
Refuse to die to yourself for the sake of another.
Reject humility.

These are Pride:tsktsk: :tsktsk:

What you have described is healthy self-esteem. These are loving yourself.
:extrahappy: :extrahappy:

Pride is anit-love. It smothers all of your relationships in a self-absorbption that has run away with itself. :banghead: :banghead:

Follow this link.


God Bless. :tiphat: :tiphat:


May I suggest the best chapter ever written on this subject, pride: The Chapter title is (I think) The Worse Sin or something similiar to that in the book “Mere Christianity”, by the great C.S. Lewis.

This chapter must be memorized before anyone in purgartory is allowed out.:smiley:


Some one in this blog should re-write that chapter and post it on this blog; that chapter out of Mere Christianity addressing pride. Some one should help me with my grammer and sentence structure.


Dittos to the other posts. Sinful pride is when one takes accolades or pleasure in themselves rather than in the Lord.

Look how Paul shows pride and boasts in his letters…but he always backs that up by saying that when he boasts, he boasts in the Lord.

Same thing with Pride:

Be proud to be an American, and thank God for our country.

Be proud parents of an honor student, and thank God for his or her intellectual capabilities.

Be proud of teammates for winning the game, and thank God for the opportunity and ability to play well.

Take pride in my work, and thank God for the opportunity and ability to perform your work.



The sin of pride can also be applied to temporal things as well.What about one’s attitude to our neighbour.Jesus Christ said that next to the Commandment of loving god as onself the secondmost important commandement was that of loving ones neighbour.If you put your nose up in the air and treat your neighbour as an inferior being because he is not blessed as you are, will also fall into the Sin of pride.We must not forget Lazarus and the Rich man.The rich man illustrates the Sin of pride as well


Even Fadda John Corapi says that there is such a thing as taking healthy pride in doing a good job, etc.


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I like your attitude and your heart is beyond a battle; but I have to differ on what sinful pride is. Tell me if you disagree? Sinful pride is when i look above you; it is looking down on another. It is not the loud and boastful - ussually they are begging for attention, they (in a poor way) want communion with us - it is the person who believes he needs not to be in your comany. He isn’t bragadoious because he cares nothing for you; you are nothing. He is the snob with no desire for your approval because you arre nothing. He will take your girl friend not for a desire but to prove to himself how much above you he is.
It is a a virtue to have pride. You are made in the image of God. You should holler when you achieve something. Not “I am better than you” but “look at what I ‘a child of God’ have done, and I feel good about myself.”:smiley:

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