What does scripture say about UFOs?

Turned on the History Channel to find Ancient Aliens on, talking about angels in the Bible might have been extraterrestrial life. What passages in the Bible talk about the UFOs?


It’s amazing they get away with calling that channel the “History” Channel.

Ezekiel 1:16 The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.

Ezekiel 1:19 And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.


“UFO” is a modern classification for varioius anomalous aerial/atmospheric phenomena that began to be noticed before WW I and were given the name “flying saucers” in 1947. As such we can’t expect to find much objective/scientific distinction for strange sky events before modern times (although, granted, people were capable of making accurate observations before our era, and certainly science’s roots were already beginning to thrive pre-Renaissance).

The point is: the further back we go, the more such reports are likely to be contaminated by lack of knowledge of many things for which we now have understanding and nomenclature.

For example: if an ancient writer recorded the sighting of a “flying, fiery shield”, are we to think that said object was a round, disc-like thing, self-luminous and/or emitting plasma energy or a “jet trail” … and therefore a “real” UFO?
Or are we to think that the ancient writer was being poetic about a bolide, meteor, meteorite, or some other natural thing that he did not comprehend?

Another cause of contamination is the readiness of pre-scientific people to ascribe mythical, magical, and mystical properties to nearly everything they did not recognize or understand. This further opens up ancient anomaly reports to doubt.

Moreover, many ancient religious texts deliberately invoke “wonders in the sky” for the sake of good storytelling and to convey symbolic truths. Again, this further muddies the waters: is the writer objectively reporting a real physical object/event; a particularly useful religious symbol; is the author undergoing an authentic but subjective vision in which he experiences a Jungian archetype; is the author deluded or simply fibbing?

I, for one, prefer to leave the UFO question in the modern era, because the further back in time we go, the muddier the waters become. No biblical-era UFO ever left preserved ground traces or threw back a recorded radar image.

And … I feel that the Bible’s central messages are not dependent on UFOs, ancient or modern. When biblical authors invoke anomalies, they usually do so in order to present a particular spiritual message. The anomalous thing or event becomes what Jung called a “projection carrier” - a vehicle that contains and conveys religious content. The central issue for biblical authors is that their works convey their perspective on God.

Biblical “UFOs”, talking serpents, fiery chariots, etc., function as narrative devices by which the biblical God is identified, revealed, disclosed, and conveyed to the reader. If some “real UFOs” were involved in this process, that’s fine with me, but we have no way of verifying the question. But we can verify the message by believing and living it.

Modern UFO sightings and interactions parallel the accounts of medieval pagans recounted by Margaret Alice Murray in her book, The Witch Cult in Western Europe culled from transcripts of testimony given at the trials of witches. Yes, information was given under coercion, but an overall consistency is observed. Parallels with modern accounts include that of implants that have been removed from modern UFO abductees resembling accounts of “fairy bolts,” little arrowheads thought to be flicked into the victim from between the thumb and middle finger of a malicious fairy. This also includes sexual predation, identified in olden times as succubus or incubus, one medieval informant testifying that the sexual member of her attacker was ice cold.

One Christian researcher observes that no one who was forcibly abducted by UFO creatures has ever been baptized; the only known baptized abductee being a Catholic woman who, instead of being snatched away against her will, was asked if she would go with the so-called “aliens” and she assented; this in the presence of her witnessing family. Cattle mutilations now associated with UFO sightings were then known as “cattle blasting,” thought of old to be the result of a witch’s curse. “Flying ointments” in Murray’s book are plant toxins allegedly rendered in baby fat (which if true may be from children that had been left exposed to die) that create a feeling of flying. Profaning the Holy Eucharist was popular with medieval cultists.

We see holy angelic action in Ezekiel. The “Prince of the Power of the Air” is a biblical title of Satan and the UFO’s are imitating the holy angels. Modern and ancients have been oppressed by satanic interaction. The Navajo elders interviewed on Art Bell’s radio program note that their concept of the “trickster” is much more negative than the wily rascals in popularized Native American legends. Many cultures have stories about little mystical beings that are pests, like fairies, leprechauns, the “grays” of modern UFO informants.

UFO researcher Jacques Valle, caricatured in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” as urging the children to be given up to the aliens, actually concludes that UFO encounters are always negative, cause physical and mental damage, and these creatures invariably lie, reminiscent of Christ’s title for Satan as “The Father of Lies and Murder.” In medieval accounts, the beings say they come from the Queen of the Faeries; today they claim to be from some star system. Whether Men-In-Black, little gray aliens, or tall Nordic types, the interactions with these beings is universally negative and suggestive of the universal accounts of the demonic recorded world-wide. The “extraterrestrials” once claimed to be from the Queen of the Faeries; now they claim to be from outer space. Shirley McClain says they come from within the earth, and I say they are not enlightened beings but denizens of Hell. St. Michael, protect, defend and guide us.

Hi, Jared,

I would like to combine the answers of Julian and Zekaria to post my answer to you.

Julian’s right, there is no Biblical reference to UFO’s.
Ezekiel’s report presented the creature with wheels as an angel of God, not an UFO.

So, even that report was never intended to portray an UFO.

God loves you,

Ignore any religious programs on History Channel. That channel is anti-Christian in general and anti-Catholic in particular.

Good advice. Anyone who allows their theology or understanding of Church history to be in any way influenced by these types of programs is just asking to lose their faith.

Perhaps UFOs are from fallen angels of God. It’s a possibility. :slight_smile:

I think…

Only some real UFO sightings are of a demonic origin.

Most of the real UFO sightings are very strange-looking man-made aircraft.

The remaining few, among the real ones, are holograms, also man-made.

I saw that show. They basically use pictures like the two below to draw the conclusion that angels are really aliens.

The show was actually hilarious to me.

They go on and on with asking stupid questions like, “Could they actually be aliens?” and “What if it were to be true?” and “Could the authors of the Bible have been visited by extra-terrestrials?”

Then they play the sound of a rocket launch and show a picture of an angel and shake the camera as if the angel was blasting off.

I really couldn’t take the show seriously.


They call it the Ancient Astronaut Theory. Erik von Daniken popularized it.

Of course it is not true.

Nothing really…UNLESS one wishes to interpret some of the strange visions given in scripture as “UFO’s”…the writers of scripture from what we can tell…weren’t concerned with discussing UFO’s.:shrug:

Better yet, what does the Holy Church teach about the existence of UFO’s or E.T. Life…?

Are we not supposed to believe in them…?

The Church doesn’t tell us to believe in them, or not to believe in them. It’s up to you.

Wrong. The Church forbids it.

Many Popes and Saints have spoken against it.

Back in the day there were “antipodes”, now we call them E.T.s

Those references are on this thread:

When demons pretend to be aliens (aka ETs): End Times Scenario

The thing I truly hate about Ancient Aliens is the “experts” do not think the ancient peoples were smart enough or creative enough to do what they did. The Ancient Astronaut theorists think that ET’s have helped humanity build the pyramids of the world and Stonehenge, etc. just because we, modern man, still cant figure out how they did it exactly. Or because the ancient people built their temples to line up with constellations or because they came up with a complicated calendar (Mayan Calendar). The Ancient Astronaut theorists see works of art and architecture from ancient times and mold it into a new ET theory. My hubby and I watch every now and then and I laugh over the “proof” that they find. They will look at carvings and artwork and say “that looks like an alien” or “that looks like a space ship”. I look at the same thing and I see a human wearing a ceremonial headdress. The Bible doesn’t mention UFO’s and I wouldn’t take anything Ancient Aliens says with more than a grain of salt.


The devil is mixed into the Alien/UFO Hoax, and the Ancient Astronaut thing too.

Take the Lines of Nazca as an example, primitive people who followed a demonic religion made monuments for no apparent practical reason.

Today, some naive people believe in the Ancient Astronaut Theory because of such monuments. Then I say, they were made in the past, so we would buy into that lie today.

Those who put the rocks with their hands never really knew what they were doing, or what for where they doing it.

This was part of a long-term plan, way to long to be made by a human mind.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to free us all from all false religions, but the monuments remained.

I wish all those monuments, like the pyramids would have been destroyed, but now it’s too late.

The Margaret Murray book, The Witch Cult in Western Europe, transposes nicely to today’s UFO cult belief. Triangular implants are called “faerie bolts,” the little arrowheads thought to be shot by the little people into victims by flicking between the thumb and middle finger. In the Middle Ages these demons in disguise/incubus & succubus didn’t say they were from another planet, they said the Queen of the Faeries sent them.

UFO researcher Jacques Valle got it right. Valle was caricatured in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” as UFO-friendly, urging parents to load their children onto the mother ship. The real Jacques Valle concluded after years of study that the UFO “aliens” always lie and hurt people. This is, if Father Malachi Martin’s standard of the work of demons being alienating people from God and from each other, demonic oppression. Baptized people are not abducted, excepting one Catholic woman in New York who was abducted in front of her whole family not by force but by first they first had to ask her permission–which she gave, a no-no. So-called “aliens” are in the long tradition all over the world of the jinns/genies and tricksters, pestering spirits. Again, just say, “No!” Maybe even “Hell, no!” Because that’s where these false miracles of the air are from.

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