What does "senta. certa." mean?

I find this abbreviation of a Latin expression all over Ludwig Ott’s book “Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma,” but he never explains what it means, and even Google has not been of any help.

Sent. certa. (“Theologically Certain”) = A Teaching pertaining to the Faith . . . a doctrine, on which the Teaching Authority of the Church has not yet finally pronounced, but whose truth is guaranteed by its intrinsic connection with the doctrine of revelation (theological conclusions).

I think it might be a phrase that means “as stated previously” or something like that, based on how it is being used in Ott’s book. :shrug:

My guess is that Ott means “sententia ad fidem pertinens, i.e., theologice certa”. See here, § 8. The Theological Grades of Certainty, n. 4.


I have the paperback (white) copy of Fundamentals. The definitions of the “Theological Grades of Certainty” are given in the Introduction – the bottom of page 9.

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