What does Siri look like?

Shapeways (don’t ask me) held a contest asking people. The winners:


Another view:



shapeways.com/blog/uploads/Siriassuperherobyepicture.jpg (pg-13+)

And my favorite:


I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Dave.
Fortunately, I don’t own any Apple products.

Siri is cool! My son has Siri…

I have Siri! :smiley:

Here in the UK, Siri is male and voiced by a man who works for the BBC - doing voiceovers for programs.

That was my favorite. So well done, too. :slight_smile:

The third image, though, was too creepy for my taste :eek:

Still, every Catholic conspiracy theorist who is worth his salt knows that Siri looked like this:

Good one! As soon as I get my iPhone 4S, the first question I’m going to ask it will be: “Siri, were you really elected Pope?”

No, ask her (american) or him (british) to open the pod bay doors. :wink:

Or “beam me up”.

Siri will also tell you the meaning of life. This question however has multiple answers and once, he said it was chocolate. He’s after my own heart I swear.

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