What does the Bible say about heaven?


I’m not sure how much is really known about heaven, but I have a few questions.

When we get to heaven, do we recognize people from our earthly lives? For example, will I recognize my grandfather when I get there?

Also, I had a miscarriage in the past, will I get to meet my baby?

I hope these questions don’t seem silly, but I’ve been thinking lately about people that have gone on before me, and my dad isn’t as young as he used to be, and I have to come to terms with the fact that he will go on before me as well. I would like to think that I’ll see the people I love again one day.

Thanks for any insight!


I’m still learning how to read and cite scripture, but Revelation chapter 19 to verse 10 talks about heaven.


Much of heaven is a mystery. No one has really come back to tell us.

I think it is good to hope for such things as you describe. After-all we believe in the Communion of Saints.


There is much mystery about exactly what heaven will be like, but we can certainly surmise that we will see and recognize others in heaven.

St Catherine of Sienna had some things in here “dialogues” on the subject. I’ll see if I can find it.



St. Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 7 March 1274) says in the Summa Theologica that a spirit enjoying beatific vision sees in God all things pertaining to itself.

S. th. III:10:2:

For every created intellect knows in the Word, not all simply, but so many more things the more perfectly it sees the Word. Yet no beatified intellect fails to know in the Word whatever pertains to itself.


Forgive me, I am Catholic and cannot remember the book and verse (haha) but it says "He makes me partake of the plenty of His house and drink of the torrent of His pleasure." Heaven is often described as a banquet. On earth we have already begun this banquet in the Eucharist. In Heaven we will be in constant Communion with God. Feeding on His love. We will certainly recognize each other as we will be perfectly united in Christ. The Holy Spirit will penetrate us like the heat of metal in a raging fire. That heat in say , a sword in flame, is united to it. So will the Holy Spirit of God the Father and Jesus be within us so as to be part of us. And so we ill be united to each other. Our beings will be so lost in God that though our individuality will remain (we will still be ourselves), we will be at the same time be made one.


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