What does the Bible say about in-vitro fertilization (IVF)?

Some women produce many eggs to be frozen ?

Personally, I’d like to see more adoptions or fostering instead.

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We are Catholics, so, we are not sola-Scriptura.

The Church teaches against IVF




Thank you.
I never knew the church was against IVF. In a way I am glad they are taking a stand on this issue.


The Catholic Church Teaches that Sacred Scriptures are HOLY, SACRED, WORD OF GOD…
And, as we know it Today, it came into Existence around 400 AD
Therefore, it’s time to realize that not everything in Existence was intended to be included within…
Certainly… we have many Implicit Understandings…
Even the term, “Bible” cannot be found anywhere within the Bible…
With that in mind - even Sermons and Homilies are extra-Biblical UNLESS?
The one giving the Sermon/Homily - never drifts outside strict quoting from Scriptures…

The fundamental agreed upon tenets of various Protestant Sects
roughly correspond to the Catholic Church’s Magisterium.
which in turn - is inspired by God’s Holy Spirit - and is Servant to Sacred Scriptures!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) it the par excellence Guide to Catholicism’s Teachings!

Here’s a section from it’s Contents which should be of interest to any Christian including Catholics.



  • I. God Reveals His “Plan of Loving Goodness”

  • II. The Stages of Revelation

  • III. Christ Jesus – “Mediator and Fullness of All Revelation”


  • I. The Apostolic Tradition

  • II. The Relationship Between Tradition and Sacred Scripture

  • III. The Interpretation of the Heritage of Faith


  • I. Christ - The Unique Word of Sacred Scripture

  • II. Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture

  • III. The Holy Spirit, Interpreter of Scripture

  • IV. The Canon of Scripture

  • V. Sacred Scripture in the Life of the Church


IVF being in the Bible would be a interesting surprise.


If you follow TheLittleLady’s link you will see it does not just include in vitro.

At it’s most basic level, anything that involves a third party in the procreative process is morally problematic. This includes (but is not limited to) IVF, artificial insemination, egg and/or sperm donation, and surrogates. Some of these methods include further issues beyond just introducing third parties.

The Bible doesn’t anticipate everything man might dream up, but provides the basic principles for moral acts. God in his wisdom left us a body to help understand how to apply those principles in a changing world. We call that body the Catholic Church. :wink:


Hello Deacon Usige , I pray you continue the lords good work.

Can I ask , if a Catholic has used the IVF treatment have they Sinned in the eyes of Catholic Law.

Where does it say in the Bible that all moral truths are to be found in the Bible?


IVF is grave matter against the sixth commandment. It is an offense against the goods of marriage.

If selective reduction is involved, that would compound things with grave matter against the fifth commandment.

Sin requires knowledge and will, in addition to grave matter. If all three are present then yes, it is mortally sinful.

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Thank you for your reply I have learned something new today. I never knew that. I wonder home many Catholic’s know that

Dare I ask ? Does it apply to all Christians to ?

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The Catholic Church’s stance apply to all Catholics.

When the Church proclaim something it is always the fruit of a deep reflexion.
It would be better is all Christians are against IVF (and some others bioetical’s issues) in general and for themselves, but the people who are not Catholics does not followed and often does not even heard or are interested in what the Church teaches.

I guess few. The Catholics, who regularly practiced and/or are interested in what the Church said. And of course, thoses who feels concerned by bioethical issues.

Of course.

The moral law is universal.

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Perhaps to everyone…

Thanks, but I’m not ordained just yet. My bishop still has six months to come to his senses before ordaining me. :rofl:

As others have said, it is always grave matter, but a person’s culpability for the sin is dependant on knowing that it is since you cannot accidently sin.

Unfortunately Western society treats pregnancy as a right/choice so many never even consider that there might be moral implications to their actions. While many may know that terminating a pregnancy is sinful it never crosses their mind that certain ways of initiating pregnancy could be problematic. Much comes down to the misunderstanding that, through procreation, God allows us to participate with him in propagation of life. Many types of fertility assistance are focused on the goal while setting that fact aside.

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