What does the Church say about Dan Brown's Novels

I know that the Church condemned The Da Vinci Code, but what about Brown’s other books?

What do you *know *about this?


That they’re boring sensationalism? The church doesn’t take positions on things like this.

Cardinal Bertone issued a 2005 statement condemning the Da Vinci code.

Regarding the other books and films made of them: The Church refused permission for the film makers to film on set at any Catholic place or building, and the stories were also derided as rubbish by spokesmen.

The Church always tries to be fair to authors and directors, by reading books & scripts itself, rather than just going with media sensationalism or the response of critics.

However, a Church spokesman said even hearing the name “Dan Brown” means they would bother to read it, as they know it is guaranteed to be fictitious nonsense in advance.

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