What does the Church say about illegal drugs?

I know that it is a sin to take heroin or cocaine, but should a Catholic support decriminalization of illegal drugs like marijuana?

Well what do you think?

It’s like anything else…peopple shouldn’t just abuse things for their pleasure…and most if not all people who want to leagalize marijuana for medical reasons just want to use it for recreational purposes and that is just silly…

I don’t see what that has to do with anything. Obviously a person who seeks a marijuana subscription from their doctor to help their pains from chemotherapy isn’t using its medicinal qualities as an excuse.

But I’m not arguing about their medical uses, I’m asking if a Catholic is allowed to support decriminalization for personal uses. I know that Catholic teaching says that it’s wrong to use drugs like cocaine, but what does that say about using government intervention to prevent it?

it is bad to use it for recreational purposes and even if you were to support it for tru medical purposes that wouldn’t stop others from useing it just because…

The church allows a government to make just laws. Why would it not be just to ban the use of marijuana?

You misunderstand. I am not debating the legitimacy of government. I am simply asking: if a referendum comes up to decriminalize cocaine and heroin, is a Catholic allowed to vote ‘yes’, or is this a contradiction of Church teachings?

Yes, I know. I’m aware. I’m asking if a Catholic should support this idea using government.

and even if you were to support it for tru medical purposes that wouldn’t stop others from useing it just because…

Does that mean we should punish people who need it to ease their suffering just because some should abuse it?

No one should be punished IF they are truly truly using it only for the benefit of their health and it has been proven by a an uninfluenced doctor

OK, so that leaves the same question about social use.

Can a Catholic say that illegal drugs – and also perhaps prostitution – are immoral, but at the same time, support ending government intervening in them?

I don’t see the Church as supporting what is now illegal drugs. They are harmful, just like getting drunk. Well, ok, the Church uses wine. But too much is harmful. And the Church seeks to protect, and/or lead, the people from that harm. Does that help?

Cocaine/Heroin, etc–These are not allowed by the Church and therefore, one must not support such use. To vote for such a law (decriminalization) without actually using these drugs for yourself is equivalent to voting for abortion without having one. You are just as responsible.

Marijuana is not specified with these other drugs (possibly due to the cultural acceptance it holds–along with coca leaves and khat–in some countries), but one must use caution. In these countries, using more naturally-based drugs like marijuana, coca leaves and tea and khat, is equivalent to us drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes (not that everyone does those things. In the US, marijuana use is much more irresponsible and the majority of users are younger people who abuse alcohol as well. They don’t need it or respect it, but it is ever-available for them because they want to party and be “free” and rebellious. I believe one could support decriminalization of marijuana, but that doesn’t make it the best move. Trust me, I have been through both sides of the Drug War and what struck me most of all was the users. So many were using drugs to fill a void yhat only GOD through His Church could fill. That covered all legal arguments for me.

Just my thoughts…

Prayers and petitions,

That has answered my question sufficiently, thank you.

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