What does the Church say about the writings of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich?

There is a book here that describes her visions that give details about Mary’s life - amazon.com/Blessed-Virgin-Catholic-Classic-ebook/dp/B002JPJRQ2/ref=kinw_tu_recs_5?ie=UTF8&m=AZC9TZ4UC9CFC

I was just wondering if anyone knew if her visions are considered legit by the Church. Or, if it should be avoided.

she is indeed beatified… and the church did not condemn her writings… though all are private revelations, you are not forced to believe

though her writings opposed that of ven. mary of agreda and st. brigit

some people made the conclusion that some of her writings are fabricated since she was not the one writing it. remember that someone is writing for her

Greetings Fisherman carl,

As the prior poster has said, the Church has not condemned her writings. That says a lot. The Church goes through a person’s writings very carefully before they beautify someone.

Also you can read the writings, there is much to good to be gleaned out of her writings. However as they are private revelations and are not matters of De Fide you are not required to believe in them.

God Bless.
Anathama Sit

she will not reach the title blessed if she had wrote some thing against the Sacred Scriptures

She is indeed beatified, but that is no guarantee that everything she said or wrote is okay. Her revelations have the imprimatur, so you can read them, but belief is optional. (The cup used at the Last Supper was the same one used by Melchizadek? I don’t know about that…)

I posted this in the other thread: Anne Emmerich said on the way to Calvary soldiers threw Jesus off a bridge. If that were true don’t you think the Gospel writers would have included that? That’s not a minor detail.

Mr. John Loughnan studies apparitions. He wrote the Bishop of the diocese that Blessed Anne Catherine Emmercich lived in. Here is the official view of the Church concerning writings about her. Apparently she never penned anything herself but others recorded her words spoken.


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Your Excellency [1]
F. John Loughnan

Date: May 1, 2002
Your Excellency!

I thank you very much for your kind e-mail inquiry concerning Anna Katharina Emmerick, which had been addressed to me via the press office of our Diocese.

We are very pleased (to hear) that also in Australia the memory of Anna Katharina Emmerick is alive and remembered.

Of course it is not our desire to let Anna Katharina Emmerick be marginalized in ecclesial Spirituality which happens now and then also in Europe.

Unfortunately I cannot send you any further documentation through the Internet, should you wish such, you would have to communicate with me through regular mail.

a… ad 1) concretely on your questions I can answer you that with the decree of 24 April 2001 the servant of God Anna Katharina Emmerick has been awarded the degree of heroic virtue (Decretum super virtutibus), with which she has been awarded by Church practice the title “Venerable”.

The miracle procedure “processus super miro” is already closed on the level of the diocese and at present is in Rome with the Congregation for the declaration of blessed and saints for further investigation.

a… ad 2) as appears from the above mentioned, Anna Katharina Emmerick has not been declared a saint. Thus she can not as yet be called saint, but, as mentioned, venerable.

b… ad 3) no books are attributed to Anna Katharina Emmerick in the sense that she herself has hardly left any written proof. The substantial written documents left behind are written down by persons, who had settled in her vicinity, in particular the poet Clemens Brentano. These books have exclusively spiritual character and no official Church quality. In the hope to have answered your inquiries I remain with best wishes and

Friendly greetings

Msgr. Martin Hülskamp, Chaplain of the Cathedral
Bishop’s Office

PS: Excuse me on my part the fact that I did not use the English Language, for the sake of simplicity and easiness but wrote in German in the hope that you may find someone around you, that can give you the appropriate assistance for the translation into English.

[1] Disclaimer: I, Francis John Loughnan, affirm that I am not worthy or entitled to be addressed as “Your Excellency”. It is apparent, that the good Msgr. Hülskamp (or his Secretary) mistakenly thought that I was a bishop.

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