What does the Church say about the writings of Blessed Catherine Anne Emmerich?

In reading about her visions, she describes the BVM’s wedding attire as silk and pearls; this doesn’t seem realistic given the historical facts we know of that part of the world in that century. I thought Mary’s family was poor, living meagerly. C.A. Emmerich’s descriptions don’t fit my understanding. Am I wrong? Does the Church recognize all C.A.E. said as verbatim truth? Thanks!

Church officials have been wary of the authenticity of the writings attributed to Blessed Catherine Anne Emmerich. There have been accusations that Clemens Brentano fabricated or exaggerated many of the visions of Blessed Catherine Anne Emmerich.

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Vatican experts, however, have questioned whether she actually wrote the book; for that reason, they said, the accounts of her visions did not play a part in the decision to beatify her.

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Father Gumpel said it is today impossible to distinguish what came from Blessed Emmerich and what was added by the poet Brentano. Therefore, the writings were disregarded by the Vatican, he said.

Others who have reviewed the case have come to opposite conclusions:
Some Further Perspectives on Anne Catherine Emmerich

The Church’s decision to beatify Catherine Anne Emmerich was based on her holiness, piety and faithfulness. The writings that are attributed to her (she herself did not write them but spoke them to others) are considered private revelation. Private revelation does not bind anyone else. No one is required to believe everything or anything that is contained in a private revelation:

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When the Church approves private revelations, she declares only that there is nothing in them contrary to faith or good morals, and that they may be read without danger or even with profit; no obligation is thereby imposed on the faithful to believe them.

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