What does the Church say on global warming?

Personally, I highly doubt the existence of global warming.
But my question is not ‘does global warming exist?’ but rather 'What does the Church say with regards to global warming?'
Oh, and when I say ‘global warning’, I am not disputing that the earth’s temperature is currently rising. When I say ‘I don’t believe in global warming’, I mean that I do not concur with the standard opinion of the scientific community on why the earth’s temperature is rising.
Am I allowed to believe that there is no such thing as global warming?

Global Warming isn’t real. its just another humanist myth being perpetrated by environmental fanatics to propagate their anti-life pro-population control agenda.

And also to rake in tons of grant money. That’s their real motivation. Most of it is our tax dollars “at work”.

That’s pretty much my opinion, but does the Church have any official doctrine regarding global warming?

How do you mean.

Do you say that there are enviromental fanatics who hate babies?

So they made up a theory to make sure there was a limit to how many babies were born?

Could you explain your theory in more detail.

The Church doesn’t weigh in on scientific theories unless those theories cross the line from science into philosophy and religion.

The theory of global warming caused by excessive human greenhouse gas emissions is entirely a scientific one. Thus, the Church isn’t going to pronounce judgement on it, whether it is true or not.

Remember, the magesterium is not a divine “magic 8 ball.” She is the interpreter of divine revelation. Divine revelation simply doesn’t cover thermodynamics.

Could you explain your theory in more detail.

It’s not a theory, it’s a slogan. You know, like “The running-dog lackeys of the capitalist oppressors.”

Or the “Jewish financiers who control our economy.”

Stuff like that. It’s not meant to be analyzed or defended. They just figure if they say these things often enough, people will start to believe them.

yes, there are no restrictions on your belief in this area

Thank you to all for your answers.

In Chicago … we are all for Global Warming … it’s freezing :winter::winter::winter::winter::winter:

The important thing to remember, is that we are called upon by God to be good stewards of the world entrusted to us. We can only do what we understand to be the best thing.

Read up on it, and make up your mind. And act accordingly.

The church has stated at different times that we have an obligation to care for the environment.

But it has also warned about the dangers of over-doing the environmental movement, and how it can become a false religion.

The church itself would never take an official position on a scientific question like the existence of global warming. Thats a question for scientists.

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