What does the church teach about referring to transgender people?

What does the church teach about this?
This is a new policy of the American Psychological Association

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There are only two genders (one for each of the sexes). God gave you a gender when He made you. You can’t change it. Anything more is gender dysphoria. Pray for those types of people and try to get them the mental help they need.


Are you denying gender theory? And isn’t gender dysphoria the anxiety the trans people feel not the state of being trans itself?

Pity those people and pray for them. They are a product of our confused Society.


Born male you are male for life. Born female you are female for life. It does not matter if someone thinks, feels, says, dresses, has hormones, has surgery to pretend they are something else because they are not.


Isn’t it sex you’re referring to?

We confuse gender and sex. Gender is masculine, feminine, neuter. Sex is male, female and intersex. I’m not sure when that started, and I wonder why. I’m not sure if there is a difference between transgender and transsexual; but it’s confusing language.


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As far as I am concerned sex and gender are the same. Those who are disturbed make use of the word gender to try to delude themselves into believing they are not what they were biologically born as.


The Vatican released a document for Catholic educators earlier this year, titled Male and Female He Created Them. It calls for respect for people, but challenges “gender ideology” as a disconnect between biology and psychology, which distorts our understanding of the human person as an integrated whole. It doesn’t specifically state how we should refer to people who identify as transgender. Gender dysphoria is a recognized mental illness (DSM-5), so, if someone believes they are not their body, should we reinforce that belief?

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Basically what @thistle stated already.
Gender is sex, sex is gender. When man decided to confuse gender as something only society puts onto people, then the mental disorders statred to form. It has gotten so out of hand people are losing their jobs for “misgendering” people or hospitals getting sued for not chopping off certain parts of the body to fulfill the poor person’s ego.

Gender theory has done nothing but harm society. Now we have a little boy being forced by his deranged mother into undergoing chemical castration. The boy isn’t even old enough to vote, smoke, drink alcohol, or die for the nation in war, but is old enough to think he was born with the wrong reproductive organs. Seems unlikely.

I’m a firm believer in common sense. If this so called “gender theory” goes agianst that than it is nothing but demonic. A perversion of God’s creation. Like I said, pray for these confused people and hope they wake up like many brave souls have done already.


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The church has said we need to respect people who have mental disorders, as I believe has been its stance for a long time.


As with Planned Parenthood’s opinions, the Church would reject anything of the APA which is in opposition to Church Teachings.

As such, within Church Teachings it never uses Acronyms such as LGBTQ… etc…

As for biological men who ‘think’ they’re a woman?

Evidences mental / emotional problem; yes?

There are twelve bajillion other threads on this topic.

The Church does not issue teachings on grammar. There is no “thou shalt not use X pronouns”.

It is a matter of kindness.


This is what God commanded and what the Church teaches

The American Psychological Association made the change for political rather than scientific reasons, which is fairly obvious and disappointing, but not surprising.

The fact is: gender dysphoria has been increasing as of late precisely because people who might have borderline personalities in this area are now in situations where their confusion is being encouraged further. It’s analogous to somebody with alcoholic tendencies living in an environment surrounded by alcohol.

People experience gender dysphoria on varying levels ranging from intense to mild.


The Catholic church doesn’t teach anything specific. The Church acknowledges that it doesn’t know that much about the origins of homosexuality and, while it hasn’t explicitly said so, it knows even less about gender dysphoria and there is wisdom I waiting until it’s better understood.

Using a person’s preferred name and pronouns is respectful and kind and does not exacerbate their dysphoria.


What is this mental help that is so effective? Please share.

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If they aren’t inherently the same then why the surgery? Dr. Money was wrong and a pedophile.

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