What does the Church teach concerning the "Rapture?"

I have a Mormon friend whom I respect very much. I am a spiritual person who never wants to " win" when it comes to differences in Faith. I worked for the Church for a number of years as the music director. It’s been a number of years since then, and I don’t recall talking too much about the “rapture”. I remember the song “Send us your Spirit Oh Lord”, which always spoke to me concerning “Rapture”. As a musician in the Church, I’ve always looked at the spiritual life in an artistic sort of a way. I think that is the way I was created to look at the spiritual world. I get too worked up when I try to defend the “Faith”, it’s not my calling. I believe in living in the present and my armour is love. I feel I have the gift of discernment and I only want peace when it comes to differences between and within human beliefs. I respect and love my Morman friend very much and visa versa. However, I’m curious as to the differences between the Morman and Catholic faith when it comes to “Rapture”. Could you give me some answers and readings possibly put to music that addresses this subject?
We are in no way arguing about this, we both feel the same way about what lens to use when it comes to understanding scripture and she is still a church musician in her church. I have shared my church music with her and she loves some of the settings.

The following links should provide the answer to your question about the Rapture. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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