What does the Church teach regarding sex change operations?

I know a person on another forum who has Klinefelter’s Syndrome. Klinefelter’s Syndrome effects men, giving them an extra X chromosone. Here is information on it:


Since he has some of the mild physical changes that can occur with Klinefelter’s and associates more with the female gender, his doctors have recommended that he take estrogen and undergo a sex change operation. According to the medical information I have read, the usual treatment is testosterone in addition to counseling. My question is, is a sex change operation moral in this circumstance?

What does the Church teach regarding sex change operations in general?

Lastly, he prefers for me to refer to him as a she. Should I refer to him as a she, as he says it is hateful and bigoted to call him a he? Will he be considered a she in the eyes of the Church once he gets the operation? If he were to become Catholic, would he be baptized in as a man or woman? His legal name has been changed to a female name.


If a person is born with sex organs for both sexes, the Church would allow surgery in favor of the sex organs that are most represented in the person’s body. It does not appear that the Church would sanction the operation for the person you mention.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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