What does the FSSP Seminary cost?


What does the FSSP Seminary cost?


I took me a while to find it. It is 7k year.


I don’t know if this information is relevant to you or not, but anyway: I was just talking with someone who just got accepted to begin seminary with the FSSP in the fall. He said they require you to pay as much as you can each year, even if it’s not 7k, or whatever the full cost is. Then, if you make it to ordination, they waive everything else you were not able to pay. If you don’t make it to ordination, they require you to pay everything else you were not able to pay (although I’m sure you can make monthly payments, of course).


Good info. Thanks


I’m a woman, so I’m asking out of curiosity and not as a potential member.

But–can someone just attend the FSSP seminary? Doesn’t one have to get accepted first into the FSSP? And then wouldn’t negotiating the costs be part of the process of discernment/application? I realize they are a “society of apostolic life,” and not a congregation, but its members still make a commitment to the society, right? So not just anyone can be part of it.


7 thousand


Priests or seminarians, with the permission of their bishop/superior may attend their seminary. The FSSP also has to approve it.

Lay people (aside from seminarians) aren’t permitted to attend their seminaries. They have some lay profs (all men, no women in their seminary) for the purpose of teaching, but that’s about it.


Wait… They don’t cover your expenses of $7,000 a year? :eek:

I mean, in the end, you’ll be working for them, they’re not simply an university. What’s up with requiring such payments? Couldn’t they take it into account in the priest’s salary when he’s granted a parsh or something of the sort? :shrug:


You make a great point because that education is geared to become a FSSP priest. It is not like you will be trained for a worldly trade like being a plumber when you get out.


Not everyone that goes to seminary becomes a priest. Seminary is not just for formation and education, but discernment. Generally half if not more of men that enter seminary (in the US that I know of) discern out.

Some dioceses have the money to pay for most if not all of education (especially philosophy and theology). Some may need to be tighter with their money and only pay for your education after seminary. There is no general rule, it just depends on what diocese you are with. Religious orders have you take vows first, so you are already committed. FSSP is a bit different since you go to seminary and discern with them. Unlike dioceses in the US, they do not seem to have the money to pay for anyone just discerning.

Generally speaking, most FSSP priests work for a diocese which pays them. FSSP then takes about half their stipend from the diocese.


That $7000 is heavily subsidized by benefactors. It’s in the $20,000+/year without the help of benefactors. Also, since seminarians can’t have debt, many can find benefactors to help cover the costs.


Geesh, and they call Oxford University expensive… :rolleyes:

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