What does the GIRM say about postures during Mass?

I have some questions regarding decoration in front of the altar, laity postures during mass and cleansing of chalices after communion.
1.if the USCCB saids decoration in moderation, can I get an example of moderation.
2. During our Lords Prayer where in the GIRM or other significant instruction does it state we are not to hold hands, and not to mimick any of the Priests posture during mass.
3.Has the cleasing of the chalices been officially put back to being done on the altar table after communion. If so where is that stated. I need the official resouce documentation.
I could not find these in the USCCB GIRM instructions. It also looks like the updated GIRM took out the option to kneel for communion. Am I correct
Thank you

The following links should help answer your questions about the GIRM. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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