"...What does this good Mother do when..."

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Continuing St. Louis de Montfort’s words from his treatise on “True Devotion”:

  1. 3) What does this good Mother do when we have presented and consecrated to her our soul and body and all that pertains to them without excepting anything? Just what Rebecca of old did to the little goats Jacob brought her. (a) She kills them, that is, makes them die to the life of the old Adam. (b) She strips them of their skin, that is, of their natural inclinations, their self-love and self-will and their every attachment to creatures. © She cleanses them from all stain, impurity and sin. (d) She prepares them to God’s taste and to his greater glory. As she alone knows perfectly what the divine taste is and where the greatest glory of God is to be found, she alone without any fear of mistake can prepare and garnish our body and soul to satisfy that infinitely refined taste and promote that infinitely hidden glory.

  2. 4) Once this good Mother has received our complete offering with our merits and satisfactions through the devotion I have been speaking about, and has stripped us of our own garments, she cleanses us and makes us worthy to appear without shame before our heavenly Father.

She clothes us in the clean, new, precious and fragrant garments of Esau, the first born, namely, her Son Jesus Christ. She keeps these garments in her house, that is to say, she has them at her disposal. For she is the treasurer and universal dispenser of the merits and virtues of Jesus her Son. She gives and distributes them to whom she pleases, when she pleases, as she pleases, and as much as she pleases, as we have said above.

She covers the neck and hands of her servants with the skins of the goats that have been killed and flayed, that is, she adorns them with the merits and worth of their own good actions. In truth, she destroys and nullifies all that is impure and imperfect in them. She preserves and enhances this good so that it adorns and strengthens their neck and hands, that is, she gives them the strength to carry the yoke of the Lord and the skill to do great things for the glory of God and the salvation of their poor brothers.

She imparts new perfume and fresh grace to those garments

and adornments by adding to them the garments of her own wardrobe of merits and virtues. She bequeathed these to them before her departure for heaven, as was revealed by a holy nun of the last century, who died a holy death. Thus all her domestics, that is, all her servants and slaves, are clothed with double garments, her own and those of her Son. Now they have nothing to fear from that cold which sinners, naked and stripped as they are of the merits of Jesus and Mary, will be unable to endure.

Come Holy Spirit, enlighten our minds and hearts!


Thank you for posting this meditation.

The passages pertaining to Jacob and Esau have always been one of the more unique aspects of St Louis’ writings.

As you know I like to contemplate the meaning of names, so I took a moment to look up the meaning of “Rebecca”; and, it turns out Rebecca means “Servant of God”, which may make her a little like the OT version of Mary, who - we all know - was the handmaid of the Lord.

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Dear Wm777,

Thanks for your reply. It is always good to hear from you! Yes, St. Louis de Montfort, so loved to ponder God’s Holy Word in Sacred Scripture it is no surprise that God would give him these beautiful insights into the way God prepared His people for the coming of Jesus.

The Old Testment consistently gives “Prefigures” of both Jesus and Mary to us. Jesus in the figure of Isaac carrying the wood for Abraham to offer him as Sacrifice; Jesus in the figure of David the King, and so on. Mary is prefigured in Rebecca as Mother and also prefigured in the Old Testament book of Judges in Deborah who went into battle with Barak as Mary went with Jesus to Calvary.

St. Louis de Montfort’s words on the relationship between Rebecca and her son Jacob can encourage people for all time. The Truth never chages; it is the same yesterday, today and Forever. Thanks be to God! I like the quote attributed to St. John of the Cross: "God spoke one Word and His Name is Jesus. "

Thanks also for your “heart” letting us know you appreciated the words of St. Louis de Montfort. “Totus Tuus” :slight_smile:

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Dear patricius and Stephie,

Thanks for your “faithful hearts” also! Today is Saturday – Mary’s Day! :slight_smile:

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