What does this mean?


Hi guys,been a lot time since i posted something,anyway I was reading my bible at the part where Jesus was carrying His Cross on the way to Calvary.

Then Jesus said something like “If this happens when the wood is Green,what will happen when it is dry?”

I looked for the meaning of the verse in the Life Application Study Bible(a very good match for the bible,i would say).But I still couldn’t understand what it means.
I thank you if you spared some time helping me understand this.God Bless.


I always took it as: If this is the way the world treats me how will the world treat you. Or, this is how the world treats the Truth in the Flesh, how will they treat you with the Truth in the Spirit.


I thought when I read that…

If they can kill the son of God when HE is standing among them…

What will happen when Jesus is not walking the earth…

I mean… if they cant believe when HE was right there… will the world believe when it is faith alone?


thank you for reading my post.I pray that all of us may love God more through the understanding of His Word


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