What does this Mean?


I received a notice that my annulment would proceed to “conclusio causis” on November 18. Does anyone know what this means? I’m guessing it’s latin for some stage in the annulment process, but I have no idea what is involved.


I have never heard that, and I went through the full tribunal process. Did they provide no other details?


Sounds like “conclusion of the case” and maybe they’re close to a decision.


Wow, I was never told when they were close. I only knew when I got the letter with the first affirmative decision.


They said the Acts will be available to review for both parties, their procurator-advocates, and the Defender of the Bond until November 18. After the November 18, the case will proceed to “conclusio causis”. I’m not sure what that is.


That means that prior to November 18th you can make an appointment to go in and review all of the testimony submitted to the Tribunal. If you do that, you will also be given the opportunity to comment on the testimony that you review. If you do not do that, then on November 18th, they will take all of the testimony and review it for the first decision. After the first decision is reached you and your ex will be informed of the decision and will be given the opportunity to appeal. If there is no appeal, it will be sent on for the review and second decision by another Tribunal.


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