What does unlisted mean and why is it used


this has been asked before but i haven’t seen an answer

what does “unlisted” mean and why is it used


Could you give us the context?

The way I have most often seen the word used is thus: Unlisted phone number. . .meaning, not published in phone books!


That is the context I was thinking about too.


i was following a thread and at the bottom it showed closed ( it hadn’t been 14 days so it didn’t close automatically) and underneath the closed it said unlisted. what does this mean and why was it unlisted.

we could police our actions better if we knew what the boundaries are.



Closed, by itself likely means the thread somehow got out of hand and was either temporarily as a cooling off period or permanently if it was totally out of control. It can also be closed by 2 weeks of inactivity, or if it got too long… for instance 1500 or 2000 posts, although that could be 1000 posts in some cases.

It could be unlisted if the mods found something really offensive that they feel should not even be viewed.

The terms of service and forum guidelines are published on the site. The 3 horizontal bars button will eventually get you to them. Among guidelines is no: spam, singularly forcing a point, ad hominum attacks, uncharitable comments, etc…



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