What Does WWN Stand For?

I found an article by WWN, which I assume is a paper published by some church and wondered if anyone knew what the initials stand for and which church distributes it.

The headline was that Cardinal Georgio Salvadore and the Catholic Church deny that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming again. These types of lies do draw many into other churches and away from the Church Christ established.

I have a strong instinct that this is put out by the SDA church. Whoever published this is lying outright and can anything be done when newspapers etc. slander the Church?

Thanks for any information of this article.

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary


It is probably Weekly World News, which is a satire publication (similar to the tech satire “The Onion”).

Current headlines on the site describe a “six inch alien” and Google Street View of heaven. Not to mention that Twinkees are the new superfood.

The whole site is a joke (meaning deliberate humor (or an attempt at humor), not simply stupid). It’s supposed to be a joke. Nothing to see - move along.

Like David Filmer said, it’s a supermarket tabloid. They’re the ones who publish the ongoing saga of “batboy” and keeps the claims going that Elvis Presley is actually still alive/faked his death/was abducted by aliens/is working at a Burger King out in Tulsa, and only until recently ran with all the careless abandon of a youngster with scissors on the “Hitler in Argentina” myth (they finally stopped sometime around 2000, when they realized Schickelgrueber would have been pushing 120, something that stretches credulity even by their own standards… :shrug: )

Thanks for the information. I wonder why so many apparently believe what they read on this news report.

Honestly I have seen many who accept there stories as truth and keep spreading what has been written. Are these people ignorant or just anti Catholic when the article is about the Catholic Church?

God Bless


[FONT=Times New Roman]

[/FONT]Except, of course, BatBoy is absolutely real. WWN has pictures!!! And he’s gonna be the next Pope, according to WWN (see him in his Bishops’ robes!)

Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana was considered the favorite, until Bat Boy said that he would consider leading the 1.3 billion Catholic Church

Irish gambling site Paddy Power is offering odds of 3/2 for Bat Boy. He had support of all the Cardinals from North America, South America, Asia and from Poland. The European Cardinals wanted to have a European Pope, but the overwhelming desire to have Bat Boy sit on the Papal Throne won out.

Actually, that article appeared when Pope Benedict-16 announced his retirement. Alas, it seems that some guy from Argentina got the nod instead of BatBoy. Maybe next time.

Like most stories on WWN, there is some truth here. Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana was actually considered a contender as Benedict’s successor (and he was the 2:1 frontrunner with the actual Irish bookmaker Paddy Power). He may yet be Pope someday - for real.

[quote=BernadetteM]Honestly I have seen many who accept there stories as truth and keep spreading what has been written. Are these people ignorant or just anti Catholic when the article is about the Catholic Church?

Probably both.

Check out more breaking news from WWN about the Pope here.

Did you know that Pope Francis blessed thousands of bikers at an open air mass in St Peter’s Square – and then joined the Hells Angels? Did you know that Pope Francis retired last Easter? On Obama’s orders??? And Benedict-16 is moving to Hollywood!

What was to be a diplomatic mission became a controversial event when Pope Benedict XVI performed an impromptu exorcism on Nancy Pelosi! WWN, Feb 2009] (note Pelosi’s glowing red demon eyes from the ACTUAL photograph)

You can’t make this stuff up! Um, actually, you can…

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