What does year 1 and year 2 mean?

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I have bought the St. Joseph Weekday Missal; First and Second Volumes. When I bought them it stated that they included the new wording and the changes that were to take place in 2011 but as I am going through this I noticed when the priest says The Lord be with you, instead of the congregation answering “and with your spirit”, it shows the old response of “and also with you.” Is there an edition that has the new response and . . . your spirit?

I have the Sunday Missal and use it weekly but the Weekday Missal has be puzzled. What is Year 1 and Year 2? I am also researching this on my own to understand the weekday missal.

Thank you for your response. I understand not all questions get a response from you.

I would presume that newer editions would include all of the current wordings of the Roman Missal 3rd edition.

As to Year 1 and Year 2, that refers to the readings and not the prayers. While the Sunday readings are divided into a 3 year cycle (A, B, and C) the weekday readings are divided into a 2 year cycle (Year 1 and Year 2). The easiest way to remember which year we are in is that odd years are Year 1 and even years are Year 2. Thus 2016 is Year 2.

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