What does your denomination teach about Contraception?

I was just curious how many folks from protestant denominations have ever heard their pastors preach or teach on contraception? Now, I think that most protestant denominations would say that life begins at conception. Do your denominations speak out about IUD’s that do not impede the fertilization of the egg, yet make the womb unsuitable for the fertilized egg to implant, thus causing an abortion? do they speak out about the pill where in most cases abortificiants(sp) are added to the pill as well as the hormones that cause the woman’s body to think it’s pregnant thus stopping the release of an egg. Yet, the release of an egg is still possible which if fertilized would result in an abortion of the fertilized egg because of the abortificiants(sp) which again make the womb unsuitable for implantation?

ps: this isn’t a trap like the, “explain this verse then protestant scum” threads I sometimes see. I just never remember hearing anything about contraception in my 25 year as a protestant.

You left off an important answer: Nothing.

Because that’s what most denominations teach about contraception: nothing, neither positive, nor negative. I’m not saying this is good or bad, it is just what it is.

The q in the title is: What does your denomination teach about Contraception?

But the q in the poll is: What do you think about Contraception?

Some may know that their spiritual leaders in their ecclesial community teach “no artificial birth control at any time” but they personally disagree. So your poll might have some conflicting results.

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