What does "your faith" mean?

Many times in the gospels Jesus says to the person he is healing, “your faith has healed you”

Whose faith is it? The believer’s or the faith made possible by God’s grace which would ultimately be God’s faith not the believers right?

It seemed to me that the believer has the ability to say that his (possasive) faith saves them. Is that grammitcally heretical?

Mark 5:43
Mark 10:52
Matthew 9:22

It is the believer’s faith Jesus is referring to. God made that faith possible but that doesn’t mean it’s God’s faith. Faith is a gift, but not everyone exercises their faith. The gift has to be actively received to be effective.

So, when does this faith become the sin of presumption?

:thumbsup: Agreed. This is what the Catholic Church teaches. That faith is a gift of grace, - God desires that all be saved, so at different times and in different ways, God will “draw” all (the gift of grace we can’t obtain without God’s drawing us) but we must cooperate with that grace to believe, be justified and grow in sanctification.

Calvinists teach irresistible grace - that God bestows faith by grace which is irresistible - so those who are “elect” will come to faith, without the ability to turn away. Those not drawn (since God will not draw all) are doomed from eternity to hell (the absence of salvation).

We’re never forced to believe in or place our trust in God, even as He helps us to do just that. Man’s will is always involved.

Fr. Serpa’s answer.

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