What does your main celebrant normally do after Mass?

Hi everyone. I just created a account so I would like to know of everyone here(especially the Altar Servers). What does your main celebrant do after Mass? Well im usually the cross bearer when I serve. So after Mass I turn around and face Jesus to the Priest while all the altar boys and the Priest bow towards it. After that the Priest thanks us all. So what about your celebrant?

Do you mean immediately after Mass, like before his private thanksgiving or greeting people?

At the Latin Mass I go to (only one celebrant), we follow a custom. The crucifer and acolytes line up, and everyone bows to the processional cross; then the priest says “Prosit” (kneel). Servers kneel and say “Pro omnibus et singulis” (for all and for each). Emcee says “Jube Domne, benedicere” (Please, Sir, your blessing). Then priest blesses the servers – “Benedictio Dei Omnipotentis Patris, et Filiis, et Spiritus Sanctis Descendat super vos et maneat semper,” to which the servers reply “Amen.” And thanks them too, now that you mention it.

Oh wow! Well by after Mass i mean after the procession out of the Church, but before he greets the people. Since the Masses in my place are usually in English(sometimes in Tamil and Bahasa Melayu), the Priest doesn’t say Prosit and says thanks instead. I guess we both have the same custom of the altar servers and the Priest bowing towards the processional Cross. I think in some Churches they bow towards the Crucifix placed on the vesting table

He walks toward the door so he can greet people. :smiley:
Sometimes, if he’s in a hurry, he will go and un-vest.

After the recessional, as they enter into the narthex, all the altar boys turn and knell. Fr will then say “Praise be to Jesus Christ”, to which the altar boys respond “Now and Forever!”

Father will then give them a blessing and thank them.

After that, the altar boys will return to the altar boy room to de-vest, except for a few older ones who will wait until the crowd dies down and then retrieve the sacred vessels and otherwise prepare the altar for the next Mass.

During this time, Fr is greeting parishioners as they leave.

Attached is a pic of what I am taking about. FYI, the little guy in the corner is my youngest son. He SO much wants to be an altar boy like his big brother :slight_smile:

Prior to Mass, all the altar boys gather in front of a statue of Mary and Fr leads them in a vocational prayer. They all then form up for the processional.

We do the same. However, Pro sit means roughly It has been done," meaning that the Sacrifice has been completed, rather than kneel.

Ah, thank you.

The priest who celebrated Mass out our parish yesterday was a vacation fill-in. He’s retired and very elderly…with elderly male medical issues. During the recessional, about halfway up the aisle, he ran past all the servers and grabbed an usher at the back of the church, frantically inquiring about the location of the nearest restroom.

That is a precious pic!:wink:

Thanks! My little guy asks to be brought back to the narthex when he sees the altar boys forming up at the end of Mass.

The boys will usually let him blow out a swing torch too :slight_smile:

Our pastor starts boys altar serving at age 5, he’s almost three, so just a few more years :thumbsup:

In our Byzantine Rite parish, after the final blessing, the priest comes out and stands in front of the icon screen. The people process to the front, and each in turn venerates the hand cross, which is held by the priest. He greets each person with “Christ is among us!”, to which we reply “He is and ever shall be.” (If appropriate, a seasonal greeting is used, such as “Christ is Risen!” and we respond "Indeed he is risen!). Occasionally, if it is a particular feast, the priest anoints us with blessed oil. After the last person, the priest and altar servers stand around the Holy Table (altar) and sing the Canticle of Simeon: “Now You shall dismiss Your servant, O Lord, according to Your word, in peace; because my eyes have seen Your salvation which You prepared before the face of all peoples, a light to the revelation of the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people, Israel.” I love to stay for the last part, because it is so beautifully sung, but most people have left the church by this time.

Wow it looks really beautiful :smiley:

Oh wow. It sounds so nice! :slight_smile:


I was in the narthex at the end of Mass with my littlest boy.

So I took a video of what happens at the end of our Mass


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