What earthly treasures would you give up?


Matthew 6;19-21
“Do not store your treasures on earth but store your treasures in heaven.
For where you treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
I’m going through nice things at home and giving them away to Goodwill, but I’m having trouble parting with some, even though they really mean little to me other than value.
Why are attachments so difficult to part with?:o I hate that I feel such an attachment to these things.
Are there earthly treasures that you should give up but just can’t?

Praise be Jesus Christ


I struggle with this one a little bit.

Since I have to provide for my wife and I in retirement, I feel it is necessary to save for that.

However, I try not to care so much about “things” and I do give a fair amount to charity, but it’s really difficult to know if I’m doing enough.

I’d be interested in knowing what others think.



My wife and children are my earthly treasures.


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