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For 2 years I felt God was calling me to quit my job. I did not listen because it was an excellent job and I was helping sick children. 13 months ago I ended up being forced to quit due to a severe medical problem. In a way I thought it was an extra nudge from God to push me into whatever He wanted me to do. I spent a year seeking medical treatment throughout the US, and received no answers and no cure. I am still struggling with my health but right now I am somewhat in remission.

I have been unemployed for 1 year now, and my savings are dwindling fast. During that time I tried to explore other career options in case I needed a back up plan due to my medical issues, and took some tech/computer classes which I was horrible at, and clearly not what I am meant to do. I have been actively looking for employment the past 7 months, and am not able to find or get offered a job. I’ve only been able to get a couple of temp things here and there. I have a lot of experience and was head of my previous department.

A new job was posted that was my exact previous position and paid well. I prayed the Undoer of Knots Rosary novena, Novena of Surrender, Sacred Heart Novena, Novenas to St. Joseph, St. Cajetan, St. Anthony, St. Expeditus, and St. Jude. I’ve also prayed in front of the Blessed Sacrament multiple times and gone to church multiple times a week. I listen to EWTN all day long when I am home. I’ve tried contacting multiple priests and spiritual directors and either get no response or told to contact someone else. I am truly trying to seek and hear God’s will for me.

I did not get the job I was hoping to get. I’ve also applied and called at least 50 other jobs. I’ve reached out to others to try to network. Nothing is coming through. I have no family support and no reliable friends for this sort of thing.

I feel no calling to any direction in my life and with no offers for employment I am getting scared. What else can I do?


Are you in the US? It is odd that you cannot find a job when unemployment is so low. Have you tried an employment agency?


Yes- I am in a specific medical setting. I’m being told that it is highly competitive right now. Last I searched before I quit my job 10 years ago there were a ton of positions. Now there are few posts, and those I apply for I am not getting. My question is more spiritually based… did I not discern correctly? Am I praying incorrectly? What do I do next?


Perhaps some Catholic health system is hiring?


Maybe companies see you as a liability.
It sounds like you have a lot of experience.
Computer classes - that had to be tough.
50 jobs - and no offer - sounds even tougher.


Our parish has a lay group that works to help parishioners find jobs. I know they work with people on interview skills, resumes, etc.

Check out your parish and if it doesn’t have something like this, maybe other parishes in your area have such a group. If you can’t find anything in the Catholic churches, check out the Protestant churches and also the Unitarian church(es). Even if a church isn’t in communion with Rome, it can still be accomplishing much good in this world.

In the meantime, volunteer with a community organization that does something good that you agree with. Besides helping a worthy cause, volunteering fills your time and makes you feel good about your life, and it looks good to employers when their applicants are involved with their community. You don’t have to volunteer for long hours if your health is not good. Just do what you can.

If you volunteer at a local hospital, you can get to know a lot of health care professionals and administrators, and they may be good contacts for you as you look for positions in the health care field.


Before volunteering at a hospital or other organization, check out their rules. The county hospital will let you volunteer, but says up front that they will never hire you for their hospital.


They do not know about my medical condition. I put in a temp job and said I was moving so they did not see a gap in my resume.


Have you tried to relax and stop asking? By your post it sounds more like you’re running in circles and full of anxiety. It’s times like this when it is beneficial to just chill. When I get stressed I find myself doing the same thing though. It’s not until I sit back and read some from the Desert Fathers and then do some serious prayerful meditation/contemplation that I open myself up to God and let his word speak to me. It’s like any relationship. If someone is so busy talking to you, do you not wait until they are finished until you answer. I’ll pray for you. Peace be with you.


Unemployment is low because people are taking jobs for which they are overqualified. Folks with MBAs taking jobs delivering pizza or stocking store shelves.

Jobs are hard to find. Networking is your best way to find a job. Sometimes we do have to take a big pay cut and reduction in job title just to put food on the table. It is not fun, not what “they” promised when we were young (when we were told that hard work would pay off in the end).


As long as this job does not detract you from heaven or require you do engage in immorality, it is up to you. God leaves these decisions up to us.


That is where I am confused. Because for 12 months I did not work… I only saw a few clients here and there for a temp job and took a couple of classes. I trusted during that time I would hear from God. But it’s been nothing. I don’t know if I just keep waiting and trust He will put it in front of me, or do I start aggressively trying like I have been for past few months?


Doesn’t He have a plan for our lives in what He wants us to do?


Maybe it’s time to pray for a new vocation or maybe you’re just not ready to go back. Many times we will not understand Gods Will until it’s staring us straight in the eyes. I really understand where you’re coming from and because I have already moved past the point which you are at it is easy for me to tell you to relax and all things will come to you in due time.


He wants us to get to heaven.

We have a vocation, either to married or religious life. Other than that, we are to use our reason to decide where to work or to live.


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