What Evangelicals Like About Pope Francis

I thought this was interesting reading and echoes my views on Pope Francis and why I like him. I find Catholicism more appealing because of him.


A couple of excerpts:
“*Accordingly, Protestants and Catholics alike see Francis as a transparent, down-to-earth kind of servant who prefers washing the feet of prison inmates to the traditional pomp and circumstance of the Vatican. Such qualities resonate with evangelicals who generally see themselves as egalitarian and pietistic”.

“Another feature of Pope Francis that commends him to many Protestants is his personal identification with charismatic renewal*”.

"Unity in the Spirit among “those who have been born again” is a central impulse of his (Pope Francis’) ecumenical engagement with evangelical Protestants.

My personal opinion:
Pope Francis embodies a real and vibrant faith, which he lives out on a daily basis.I respect and admire that very much. I also like the way he reaches out to non-Catholic Christians in Christian unity and brotherhood and does not condemn them.

In short, he is the real deal.


Great guy.

I wish he was invited to mega Church’s just to come and show love and to remove any misinformation about Catholicism. I wonder if he would come if invited? :slight_smile:

I could definitely see him doing that. :thumbsup:

Tommy, would you be surprised to learn that Pope Benedict XVI was also very conscious of the poor and oppressed? The main stream media go out of their way to heap all kinds of praise on Pope Francis while they totally ignored the good that Pope Benedict performed. They, the liberal press, see Francis as one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love our Holy Father but let’s put things in their proper perspective.

I trust your word on that, Patti. I was not very cognizant or interested in Catholicism back then so I didn’t pay much attention like I am now. I guess it’s just a timing thing for me. Nothing against Pope Benedict.

I don’t take offense at what you said, I am an admirer of B16 and I can’t understand why the media completely ignored his good works. Peace :slight_smile:

Agreed! Thank you! I also find it a teensy bit annoying with Francis’ emphasis on his humbleness, etc. As if to make a point of how showy, out-of-touch, etc. his predecessors were. Certainly things are part of the Catholic tradition, such as certain vestments, certain papal shoes. Popes going along with these traditional trappings help show their acceptance of the traditions of the Church, not just “look at me, I’m so humble I just wear black shoes, not like those other popes”.

The media knew he was rock-solid in doctrine and orthodoxy. They think Francis is different and could be persuaded to change doctrine. They don’t understand the Church or the fact that she is divine in origin, and cannot change doctrine. They think of the Church as purely secular, because they don’t believe in God. They deny there even is a God, so they believe the Church is just like any human organization that can be bent to political pressure.

And B16 was an amazing Pope. His writings will be studied for centuries. His 3 books on Jesus of Nazareth are amazing.

I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s a Jesuit and will come at certain things slightly differently from previous Popes. And he’s had a long career of trying to be humble, like taking the bus while he was archbishop.

100 Likes!!:dancing:

Good idea. Mega Church = many potential converts. :thumbsup:


The Catechism is out there for anyone to educate themselves on what Catholics believe and to do away with misconceptions. some enjoying bashing the Church as has been done since the first century. Unfortunately.

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