What events in history would you like to see made into a movie?

I would like to see a movie about the Turkish army’s failed attempt to conquer Vienna in 1529. Under Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottaman Empire would have expanded further into Europe.

The life of Bl. Miguel Pro, some great history, morality, etc. Plus a lot of spy-vs-spy type as he is the master of disguise slipping in and out of here and there.

The USA’s failed attempt to invade Canada in 1812 and the burning down of the Whitehouse.:stuck_out_tongue:

It is the 200 year anniversary.:smiley:

I want to see a war film on the Battle of Tours in 732 AD when Charles Martel defeated the Muslim horde and stopped the Islamic conquest of Europe.

I want to see a film on the Crusades

I want to see a film on the Financial Panic of 1907 :thumbsup:

^^^ That’s a good one, perhaps followed up with the great hero Jan Sobieski!

In keeping with the “protect Europe” theme, I would add a movie about the Reconquest of Spain (the real one, and not anti-Catholic propaganda), and the role of Charles Martel during the Battle of Tours.

Outside of Europe, I’d like to see a movie about the battles to reunite the upper and lower kingdoms of ancient Egypt following the invasion of the Hyksos.

Edit: Austenbosten, you beat me to “The Hammer”!

  1. 1066: Battle of Hastings (in the Bayeux tapestry we already have a story book)
  2. Abolitionist John Brown played with something other than the woodeness of Raymond Massey (Santa Fe Trail)
  3. Themopolae withoput Frank Miller’s over the top ridiculousness

I want to see about the revolt in the Vendee that is more responsible than the Duke of Wellington for napoleons loss at Waterloo.

Also I would like an honest film about the political intrigues of America’s favorite dictator, Abraham Lincoln.

And most of all I would like one about my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Joseph Broussard and the exile and oppression of the Acadian people. Another focusing on the seven years war wouldn’t be bad either.

:smiley: I’d also would love to see a Reconquesta film.

The genocide of the Vendeans.

The martyrdom of St. Edmund Campion and Elizabeth’s war against the priests.

The Siege of Belgrade in 1456 - you have the Ottoman sultan Mehmet II trying to seize Catholic Hungary for Islam. The Hungarian nobleman and warlord John Hunyadi tried to rouse his fellow noblemen, but they had either cut deals with the sultan or hoped to divide and conquer to advance their own fortunes. St. John of Capistrano, himself a former nobleman, soldier, and a genius of strategy who had renounced his noble status and become a Franciscan priest, was tasked by the Pope to assist Hunyadi in leading an army of untrained but enthusiastic peasants to defend a Hungarian border fort at Belgrade (known as Nándorfehérvár in old Hungarian, which looks like a name from Lord of the Rings).

Only one nobleman stood up to assist Hunyadi in his defense of Christendom - Prince Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler, the historical model for Dracula, who agreed to guard the passes into Rumania and prevented reinforcements arriving from the Ottoman Empire. Some of these vicious battles in the mountain passes by Vlad’s forces included the first use of hand-held firearms in warfare.

After a massive battle and counterattack (which began as a spontaneous charge by the peasants, which St. John tried to stop but then decided to lead, saying " “The Lord who made the beginning will take care of the finish!”) led to brutal fighting with Hunyadi and St. John in the front lines. Mehmet was wounded and ordered his forces to retreat, saving Hungary from enslavement and forced conversion under Islam. Hunyadi died just 3 weeks later from the plague.

Pope Callixtus III ordered that bells be rung all over Christendom at noon each day to honor the fighters of Belgrade (a practice which continues today), and honored the victory by declaring the date the Feast of the Assumption, August 6 - a celebration we owe, in part, to Dracula. Be glad he was on our side.

How could that NOT make a great movie?

I would like to see the book Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors made into a movie with one of the story lines focusing on Commander Ernest Evans. I could see Hanks and Spielberg doing it justice.


I would like to see a film biography of Josef Pilsudski, the Polish “George Washington” who unified Poland and founded the modern Polish Republic. His life reads like the wildest adventure fiction you could imagine. From his years at the Jagllian University in Krakow to being the first ethnic Polish career Officer in the Imperial Austrian Army, to being head of the Polish underground )and robbing Russian banks to finance it) to defeating Soviet Russia in the Polish Bolshevik War of 1920 and becoming the military head of the New Poland. All the while, being a loyal practicing Catholic until his death.
I would also like to see a movie about how King Stanislaus of Poland put together an army of Eastern Europeans led by the Polish Cavalry to lift the Siege of Vienna by the Turks in the 1600’s.


Although I think many hollywood producers are hostile toward christianty, I think the following
would be interesting:

  1. the four gospels from a catholic perspective.
  2. a biography of Joe Stalin from an anti-communist perspective
    3.a documentary of the reformation and the council of trent from a catholic perspective
  3. a movie about Erasmus
    5.a documentary about the history of Mexico

Acts of the Apostles.

Acts 27 - the story of Paul’s trip on the boat (on his way to Rome) where they endured storms, the crew had dissension blaming him for the storm, until they finally crash landed on Malta.

With your flowing description, I think you should write the screenplay for it!

I definitely would love to see a biopic on Jozef Pilsudski! and a war film on the German-Polish war :smiley:

I would love to see a Martin Luther/Reformation film from a Catholic perspective and definitely a film on the Council of Trent.

As for Uncle Joe, HBO did make a pretty good Stalin film starring Robert Duvall.

I agree. It could also put Luther’s revolt against the pope in Context, and show why Thomas More, that most civilized of men, was a hanging judge as Lord Chancellor, what the role of Charles V in the sack of Rome, and his dealings with the German princes. I am trying to figure out who or what sort of person would be the “hero" of the Drama?

Agree by the Bobby Duvall picture. As much as he is admired as an actor, his depth is under appreciated.

And a political conservative, rare in Hollywood.

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