What events in history would you like to see made into a movie?

More than that, he “gets” religion. As a Texan, I think that “Tender Mercies,” is so right on. How to do a religious movie. The baptism scene is just so “true."

The battle of Lepanto would be good.

I would like to see in a movie:

The life of Constantine, the life of Charlemagne, the life of the pharaoh Ahkenaten.
and any of the more mythical saints if they were treated as real. for instance St. Magaret the Virgin, Rumwold of Buckuingham, St. George and the dragon.

THE BATTLE OF LEPANTO!!! Man that has the potential to be a fantastic and ( I know this word is used too often) EPIC movie. If I ever get in that business I am going to push as hard as I can to get that movie made. The Battle That Saved the West. I imagine it wouldn’t go without a lot of controversy:cool:.

I’ve always wanted to see Vimy Ridge. I know WWI doesn’t sell as much as WWII but if the war scenes in the Passchendaele movie are any indication then it can be done.

I imagine with Europe being 25% muslim it would cause a backlash, just like the passion
created a furor with the jewish community. :shrug:

I would like to see the Fall of Jerusalem in approx. 67 A.D. made into a good film.

I think it must have been so difficult for Christians to leave this city and go to Pella, in obedience to Jesus, and leave their non-Christian family and friends behind. The Christians knew that Jesus had predicted the destruction of Jerusalem, and they KNEW that their Jewish loved ones would be slaughtered. How tragic to obey the Lord but in the process leave your loved ones behind.

I’m not a film fan, so maybe this film has already been made?

I would also like to see a really GOOD film, not just a outdoor play for tourists, of the story of the Acadian people and their grande derangement from Acadia.

This story is totally unknown by most Americans, ,many who think of the Cajuns as just really good cooks who live in Louisiana and use crawfish a lot, and listen to zydeco music.

Not only is this a story of a nation of people determined to survive, but also a story of a CATHOLIC people determined to stay Catholic.

What I would do is write up into a screenplay the poem “Evangeline” by Longfellow–it has the story already. This story of two people could be set against a bigger story of the attempt by the British to bring an end to Acadia by dispersing the people (thus separating Evangeline and Gabriel within a few hours after their wedding).

The problem is that the film really should be done with the Acadians speaking French, which very few Americans know or like. I certainly don’t know it. But in recent years, films have come out in foreign languages (e.g., The Passion of the Christ) and they still manage to attract an audience. Subtitles–they work!

Bill Clinton not having relations with Lewinsky.

a horror film called the 2012 presidental election

A movie on Haiti’s independance

the New Zealand wars

Ataturk’s life and doings

the Mau mau uprising

movies about the Atlantic slave trade from the view of what happened in Africa

a movie on Otto von Bismarck

the exploitation of the Congo free state by Leopold II of Belgium

Brazil during 1946-1964 (the “second republic” era)

How Jamaica gained independance

The life of Josip Broz Tito

Pinchot’s life,regime and fall

How it was like to live in East Germany

19th century European immigration to Latin America and **not **to the .U.S. or Canada.It’s a pretty unheard of topic IMO that definately had a big impact on the region particular in Argentina

The last years of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia

Malaysia’s role in the spice trade

Various movies aboput 19th century indentured Asian migrant workers (there’s a word for it but I wont say it b/c I’ve heard it’s deragotary) in regions like Peru,Brazil and Jamaica

The construction of the Panama canal

The Suez crisis

Early French colonialism in Vietnam

The “great game”

The construction of the Suez canal

I think the Italians have done these. Any such most focus on the pope, the Venetian leaders, and The Spanish king. then of course Don Juan of Austria and Cervantes --as the common soldier. And of course the Turkish leaders.

Well we can’t forget Andrea Doria. But Cervantes would make a cool character, especially if he keeps popping up in the film but only reveals his name at the end, and decides to write Don Quixote.

Andrea Doria, of course. Don Juan is the one who intrigues me. If only he had lived long enough really to have left his mark in the Spanish Netherlands.

It would interesting to see movies about one of the world’s first drug based conflicts,the Opium wars done.

A new improved film on Macabees, a movie about Augistine.

If you are speaking of the same Maccabees that I think you are,(the jewish rebel army who took control of Judea) then I guess you haven’t heard that that will be the next film by Mel Gibson. So far I haven’t heard anything beyond the script being written.
A film about St. Augustine was just released entitled;’‘Restless Heart’’. I haven’t seen it yet.

I have heard that Mel Gibson is planning on making a movie on Maccabees, just wast sure if it is a go.

Also another movie that I would like to see a movie on Noahs ark. Would be great/love to see a full size model of Noahs ark.

Another movie: The Wright Brothers

Wow. you are on a role man, Darren Aronofsky is currently filming ‘‘Noah’’ starring Russel Crowe. It is based on the graphic novel of the same name, however I am not sure if there are any major differences from the biblical point of view, but I haven’t heard anything which would make it offensive. Sounds like they want to return to the biblical epics like the ‘‘Ten Commandments’’.

I don’t know, Darren Aronfsky is a bad director. I don’t see him staying bibical. :shrug:

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