What exactly does this mean?

I read that “God knows us through his Son”. Obviously indicating I believe that meaning that a person is in a “State of Grace”. Does God “not know us” otherwise? I thought God knew all.


Methinks the issue is related to a different meaning of the word “know.”


Have never come across that particular sentence. Could you provide more of the text where it occurs?

A couple other truths come to mind:
We can know the Father/God by seeing the Son. (cf. John 14:9)
Man is reconciled to God through the Son. (cf. Romans 5:10)


Catholic dogma is that the three Persons of the Trinity are consubstantial, meaning that whatever we can say about the one Divine Nature – all knowing, all powerful, love, justice, knowledge, mercy, etc. – applies to each Person. The attributes of the Divine Nature are not divided up among the persons.

So, for example, it would be abject heresy to say that the knowledge of God is only in the Son, or the love of God is only in the Spirit.

From now on, I am going to post the source. I can’t remember now. I thought someone might just know. It’s not always that simple I am seeing.

Ok. I don’t know what “abject” heresy is, but I know what “Heresy” is. Apostates are worse I believe. Origen said some things some considered heresy if I remember right.

Your hitting it there with those scriptures I believe.

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