What exactly is an Apologist?

What exactly is an Apologist?

New member, Ramona Olsen

Listed below are some links to information on how to become an apologist. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

AAA Forum Q & A:

*]Qualifications for being an apologist?
*]Which apologist has the Church’s approval?
*]How does an apologist learn to talk with people about religion?
*]What is internal apologetics?
*]How do you find reliable Catholic information online?
*]What is the best Bible for Catholic apologetics?
*]What is the difference between an apologist and a theologian?
*]What is the difference between an apologist and a catechist?

Catholic.com articles:

*]Practical Apologetics by the Catholic Answers staff
*]Debating 101 by Jimmy Akin
*]Toolbox Apologetics by Jimmy Akin
*]Skill Is Gained By Experience by Jimmy Akin
*]Five Books Every Apologist Should Read by the CA staff

Book recommendations:

*]Search and Rescue by Patrick Madrid
*]How NOT to Share Your Faith by Mark Brumley

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