What exactly is "perfection"?

In Heaven, God is perfect. However, can saints - whose wills are now perfectly aligned with God’s will - be considered “perfect” in the same sense God is?

Is it correct to say that saints are only perfect in the sense of intellect and will, and not essence? Please may someone knowledgeable on this topic give a detailed answer. I’ll be more than glad if someone can post what theologians like St. Jerome and St. Thomas Aquinas had to say on this matter.

What is perfection?


Only God is absolutely perfect because only God is infinitely good. We can become relatively perfect if we respond to His love to the best of our ability. We are not expected to be infallible but impeccable!

Infallible only if you are elected Pope!!!:slight_smile:

Best quote of the day.

… my dear friend ,

… perfection is the absence of all evil , so love is perfection , and god = love , so god = perfect , and all in god = perfect , so long as there is no evil , evil = all that is contrary to gods will , only evil = imperfection , hope this helps …

… may god bless and love you :thumbsup::slight_smile: ,

… john …

We’re created good. Our perfection lies not in being God-who alone is all perfect-but in simply being exactly who He created us to be.

Eddie, I regret to say that even the Pope is fallible in most of his decisions and statements… :slight_smile:

Oh boy, you fire off all the fun questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, is it our essence to fall from perfection, or to rise to perfection? Though perfection can be only attainable by participation of the Divine Nature, it is our own intellect and will that drives ourselves to Divinization, God expects us to carry our crosses. Aquinas taught that it is our innate nature to seek God through intellect and will. I would say the act of seeking partially realizes our essence and once in heaven in communion with God forever is our essence fully realized. That the beatific vision is the fullfillment of being.

Would love to see this drawn out though :popcorn:

I think – Perfection is always being perfectly patient, kind, and motivated in body, thoughts, interactions, and essence.

Nice Thought! I think – God was, is, and always will be perfection. On the other hand, Saints are now and always will be perfection, however they were not perfection before entering Heaven. Therefore they are not perfect throughout all their history as God was.

I think – Saints are perfect in all three. Just as the intellect and will are perfected during Purgatory, so is essence.

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