What exactly is sinful presumption on God’s mercy?


Sometimes I wonder if I should mention it in confession more often but it’s not all that clear when the line is crossed except in obvious circumstances.

I know the obvious example (which feels like grave matter too) where you plan to sin because you’re going to confession anyway. In this case is the sin incurred when that thought enters your mind? What else could be presuming? When you put off confession till a later time because you “know” you’ll receive God’s absolution?


Where you wilingfully don’t give up a sin that you see and admit as sin knowing or… betting… that God will.forgive you no matter what. Abusing His love for us, a way of tempting God.


When you go ahead and sin thinking “I’ll go to Confession on Saturday, so, why not?”

One extreme example, one I know personally, was someone who signed up for surgery to get surgery to sterilized, and said “I’ll just Confess it”. :frowning:

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