What exactly is Yoga?


I've practiced yoga for 15 years. It is a meditative exercise focused on stretching and the flow of movements with your breath. When I practice I pray to Heavenly Father, or to St. Mary, or to our Savior. One of my favorite meditative mantras is "Christ loves". I find saying the Hail Mary silently as I practice sun salutations to be extremely powerful.

Think of how so many of our prayers in the Church are meditative (I'm thinking particularly of the Rosary). Add to that defined movements and a quieting of the mind, and it is quite powerful. I always dedicate my practice to the Lord and I ask Him to guide my mind and body as I reach out in mental and physical prayer to Him.

Yoga, like many other things, is rooted in Hindu. yet I doubt you will find many accomplished yoga instructors who are practicing Hindi. There are many branches of yoga, and like all things, it is what you make it. Should we not do aerobics because it was popularized by Jane Fonda? Should we avoid Pilates because Joseph Pilates was an atheist? No. I think we can take a truly secular exercise and raise it up to the Lord as a higher practice.


Rick…Yes, I see you have many testimonies by **practitioners of Trancendental Meditation **who claim that TM will not leave a person open to demonic attack.

And if you’ll do a quick google search you’ll find many, many more priests and exorcists who can testify that TM **can **very definitely open a soul up to demonic attack. Not that it absolutely *will *in every case, but that the danger is there and is very real.

More to the point, the Church itself cautions against Transcendental Meditation. The Holy See published a pastoral document called: Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian reflection on the “New Age”. If you click on that link, it’ll take you right to the vatican’s website. From there you can just do a word search in the document for “transcendental meditation”.


I’ve done Yoga before during my high school years. I had a CD that I would listen to in the stereo and I had a book that showed you how to do all of the exercises. I think that there are definitely different types of CD’s, DVD’s, etc. out there because the CD that I did never had me worshiping anything. It was a nice exercise to become more flexible and toned and at the end of the CD it played some awesome relaxing music such as waves from the ocean and you were to just lay on the ground and relax your body for your “cool down.” On the other hand I’ve seen some of the shows on Exercise Channels that involves Yoga stances that “salute the sun” as they would say and I never felt comfortable performing these exercises. To be plain and simple the exercises, to me, shouldn’t be sinful, unless it involves worshiping other “gods” as some of them do. I would just omit those parts if you ask me. But as someone else stated I wouldn’t go to a Yoga gym where this may be a very spiritual routine for some people who might take offense. Hope this helps.

Good Luck!


I've been doing P90X as well, and have used the Yoga X video. It is great exercise. What I do is just omit that last 5 minutes of it that includes the meditation. You've already cooled down enough, you don't need to lay in "corpse pose," or sit in lotus to cool down. I personally believe that engaging in any of the "empty your mind" types of meditation is spiritually dangerous, and that is why I don't do it. However, the stretching and strengthening is fine as long as your mind is directed to the right place.


Hi there.
This is an older thread, but I thought it was worth a reply. In the P90x Yoga X DVD, Tony Horton never discusses the spiritual side of Yoga. He emphasizes the physical postures. He names the postures (warrior 1, 2, 3, etc.) If you don’t want to hear the names, you could just mute the sound. No biggie.
Here’s a link to a Catholic Priest who sells a Yoga DVD. amazon.com/Yoga-Prayer-Father-Thomas-Ryan/dp/B0007Q6R04. I can understand not practicing the spiritual side of yoga, but are we really forbidden to move our bodies in caertain positions? I don’t think so.


I just don't find pilates to be as relaxing and refreshing as Yoga. I don't think the two are interchangable.


Do all the yoga you want. Let’s not become radicals where we tell our children that TV is evil and that satan hides in music. IF you’re a strong or even a common sense catholic, you can stretch all you want.


There are various Christian yoga DVDs and one Catholic yoga DVD that I know of. Yoga is great for stretching the muscles and keeping you young. It is certainly conducive to meditation, and if you are a Christian, your meditation would be directed to Christian topics. Or if you are talking about a prayer state in which your mind is blank, you are getting into contemplation, the summit of Catholic prayer life. In contemplation, you simply rest in the presence of God. This certainly could fit with yoga. As Christians, we do seek union with God, and yes, God (the Holy Spirit) does dwell in our hearts. The difference in practicing yoga as a Catholic or other Christian is that your heart is directed to God/the Holy Trinity.



I’m not a fan of transcendental meditation. I don’t do yoga either. I run as my primary means of exercise. But that downward dog pose hits so many muscles in one shot. It makes my legs very happy after a run. :smiley:

I mean…are we not even allowed to lie relaxed flat on our backs just because? That’s a pose too.


Short answer, prayer stances to pagan gods also revealed as demons in scripture.:popcorn:


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