What exactly makes an Evangelical Christian and Evangelical Christian?

I’m speaking in reference to the capital ‘E’ Evangelical, as per the label. I’ve seen a number of definitions. Some so broad that even Catholics and Orthodox would be included, some so narrow that only “Low Church Protestants” would qualify.

Is there even an objective definition; say by a sociologist, or is ‘Evangelical’ like the term ‘Christian’ in that one could ask 10 Christians what constitutes a Christian and one will acquire 11 definitions :stuck_out_tongue: ?

The definitonal criteria I know for “Evangelical” are:

  1. A Christian
  2. who is a Protestant
  3. and believes in relatively independent, or simple, church government
  4. with a high level of authority over church members
  5. and little to no liturgical practice
  6. combined with a relatively (though not always absolutely) Fundamentalist-style interpretation of the Bible, which I recall as the following –
    a. it is to be taken pretty nearly as literally as possible especially in the OT
    b. it is a single piece of literature compiled in the order it is in for Divinely inspired reasons and not as separate books with separate purposes
    c. every verse applies to the Christian today in some way and the meanign can be found by reading it thoroughly, and
    d. it is the direct, precise Word of God, every character being exactly where it is for very good reasons, the manuscripts preserved adn selected under God’s direct inspiration just as they were written,
    e. and everyone can interpret it if his/her faith and motivation are right and if s/he has read it diligently and often enough.
  7. and a belief that the end-times are here or very close, meaning
  8. that it is even more urgent than in the early days of the Church for every Christian of any age to witness to the Gospel as often as practicable, and do so boldly and courageously at all opportunities.

I was an Evangelical Friend (the Religious Society of Friends, founded in the 17th Century by George Fox in England) for three years plus, and an Evangelical Pentecostal (Non-denominational, then Foursquare) for over three years more, then became Catholic.

The finished work of the cross!!!

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