What Global Warming? 2012 Data Confirms Earth In Cooling Trend

What Global Warming? 2012 Data Confirms Earth In Cooling Trend


(CNSNews.com) – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released its “State of the Climate in 2012” report, which states that “worldwide, 2012 was among the 10 warmest years on record.”

But the report “fails to mention [2012] was one of the coolest of the decade, and thus confirms the cooling trend,” according to an analysis by climate blogger Pierre Gosselin.

And people wonder why there are those that are skeptical about global warming


More uneducated flat earther global warming deniest make their predictions…

German meteorologists say that **the start of 2013 is the coldest in 208 years **– and now German media has quoted Russian scientist Dr Habibullo Abdussamatov from the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, who says it is proof that we are heading for a “Mini Ice Age.”

Talking to German media, the scientist said that based on his sunspot studies, we are now on an “unavoidable advance towards a deep temperature drop.”

Building on observations made by English astronomer Walter Maunder, Dr Abdussamatov said he had found that the Earth cools and warms in a 200-year cycles.

The last big freeze, known as the Little Ice Age, took place between 1650 and 1850 which he said coincided with Maunder’s findings that there had been no sunspots between 1645 and 1715.

“The last global decrease of temperature (the coldest phase of the Little Ice Age) was observed not only in Europe, North America and Greenland, but also in any other part of the world during the Maunder minimum of sunspot activity and of the total solar irradiance in 1645–1715 years,” says Abdussamatov.


Climate change, people, climate change.

Now it is climate change. They had to change the name, once they realized they were wrong about global warming.

Glad people are starting to wake up to the fact that so-called “global warming” is nothing but fear-mongering for the gain of a few.

I am sure that before long we are going to be told that carbon dioxide causes global cooling and unless we reduce its use the earth is doomed



First the big chill (the 1960’s and '70’s), then the big heat (the 1990’s and 2000’s),and now back to the big chill! :bigyikes::banghead: :takethat::rolleyes:

Ever since I was a boy, the Summers would go in cycles - three hot, one cool, and repeat.

But anything to get eyeballs to your web site and get people talking so you can charge more for advertising. And already - “It’s the end of everything!” Sorry, I’ve read too many National Enquirer covers over the years. “World to end in 1978, or 1982 or 1998 or Y2K!!!” I remember listening to the radio in 1999 and there were all these commercials telling you it’s time to stock up for the upcoming chaos! You could buy enough food and water to feed a family of four for three years at the high, high price of a lot of money. But you had to do it now!!! Before the disaster strikes!!! Mayan calender. The year 2012. It all ends!


Unfortunately the new head of the EPA is a climate crazy who stated there will be NO CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS ALLOWED! This from the group that claims to base everything on science and empirical evidence.

Why anyone still swallows this Kool Aid is beyond me. Oh and one fact about Climate Change posted on FB “It’s made Al Gore rich!” Undisputed truth there!:smiley:

Here is the video that woke me up about the golbal warming scam. There are very evil people behind it.



[quote]“EXPERTS warn of a coming ice age” declared the headline in a story which appeared in last week’s The Australian newspaper.

In reality, the headline should have read something like this “One solar physicist in Russia who is a member of a climate science denial organisation says we’re heading for global cooling but all the other people we spoke to say he’s dead wrong”.

Not as catchy though, eh?

Lloyd’s only “expert” warning of global cooling is Dr Habibullo Abdussamatov, a Russian solar physicist who has been claiming for at least four years that we’re heading for an ice age and we should all rug up. Abdussamatov says that climate change is all down to solar cycles and that the sun is in a quiet phase that will plunge us all into a deep freeze. Skeptical Science explains why this climate myth – one of the most popular – is wrong.

Here’s the real news. The quotes which Lloyd uses from Abdussamatov are actually more than five years old and come originally from this interview given to the National Post in Canada in January 2007.

Lloyd quotes Abdussamatov as “the head of space research at the Russian Academy of Sciences Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in St Petersburg, and director of the Russian segment of the International Space Station”.

This wasn’t accurate either. Principia Scientific International has already issued a correction saying that in fact “Dr Abdussamatov is actually head of space research of the Sun Sector at the Polkovo Observatory and head of the Selenometria project on the Russian segment of the International Space Station.”

Not quite so impressive as being the head of space research or the head of the Russian bit of the International Space Station.

Lloyd then goes on to provide some “balance” on his story leaving the reader with the impression that genuine experts actually are discussing the possibility of a coming ice-age, when they’re not. All they’re doing is responding to crank theories.


One guy? Did they tell NOAA that?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released its “State of the Climate in 2012” report, which states that “worldwide, 2012 was among the 10 warmest years on record.”

But the report “fails to mention [2012] was one of the coolest of the decade, and thus confirms the cooling trend,” according to an analysis by climate blogger Pierre Gosselin.

“To no one’s surprise, the report gives the reader the impression that warming is galloping ahead out of control,” writes Gosselin. “But their data shows just the opposite.”

Although the NOAA report noted that in 2012, “the Arctic continues to warm” with “sea ice reaching record lows,” it also stated that the **Antarctica sea ice “reached a record high of 7.51 million square miles” **on Sept. 26, 2012.

And the latest figures for this year show that there’s been a slowdown of melting in the Arctic this summer as well, with temperatures at the North Pole well below normal for this time of year. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi calls it “the coldest ever recorded.”

The Associated Press had to retract a photo it released on July 27 with the caption, “The shallow meltwater lake is occurring due to an unusually warm period.” “In fact, the water accumulates in this way every summer,” AP admitted in a note to editors, adding that the photo was doubly misleading because “the camera used by the North Pole Environment Observatory has drifted hundreds of miles from its original position, which was a few dozen miles from the pole.”

NOAA also reported that the “average lower strastospheric temperature, about six to ten miles above the Earth’s surface, for 2012 was record or near-record cold, depending on the dataset” even while the concentrations of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, continued to increase.

“Even with all this data manipulation, the trend is down as shown by this Hadley global plot,” writes Joseph D’Aleo, former director of meteorology at The Weather Channel. (See D’Aleo - Real Story About Temps.pdf)

“Last year was the** 8th warmest but 7th coldest since 1998**. They explain it away with the predominance of La Ninas or a solar blip, but say it was the warmest decade nonetheless, so stop questioning us,” he said.

Science and politics generally don’t mix well. It makes science, from the design of studies to the interpretation of data to the manner of presenting the results to the public, biased towards the politically correct position (or the politically incorrect one for people interested in fighting back), and of course politicians will always twist facts to fit their policy goals.

This is the main reason I’m skeptical about claims by both sides about global warming, as also with such matters as the causes of homosexuality or the health affects of abortion. The subjects are just too emotionally and politically charged for good science. In the case of climate change though we have the additional difficulty that climate science is really in its infancy, and the fact that we have only one planet earth to work with makes repetition a difficult principle to apply.

I agree that science and politics create bad results. One only need think of the many who died from that blithering idiot Rachel Carson’s demonizing of DDT to realize that when emotion gets in the way of rational thought, people die real deaths not computer model deaths that may or may not occur.

If one can demonstrate cause and effect with empirical evidence, that can be replicated, that is published in major respected scientific journals, it holds a lot more weight for me than computer models such as drove the global warming crazies.

Further the important element is what is DONE about it. The idea of carbon taxes is simply adding costs but no value and merely redistributes money from one unfavored class to a favored class.

A pox on both of their houses :wink:


I think it also carries the risk that if you use an unproven/unprovable scenario as justification for specific actions, you lose credibility and support for those actions when the justification is proven to be wrong.

That is, there are many good reasons to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and reduce pollution that are independent of whether there is significant AGW.



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