What (God have mercy) is the matter?


Dallas Diocese is happy to offer legal assistance to illegal immigrants but does not want to offer legal assistance to victims of domestic violence or discrimination or persecution for their Catholic faith.

San Antonio Catholic Diocese does offer legal support but when u call the phone number 210-433-3256 the message cuts out and hangs up. I called Catholic Charities directly and the lady would not help by reporting the phone issue…not her problem.

How do families in need get help?


You bring up different issues. Domestic Violence support, contact the parish office and find out what DV shelters they recommend. The parish should have someone who can give counsel to the family and arrange help with transport to a DV shelter, they will either have or work with a charity that can provide material goods like clothes and used furniture when they are ready to leave the shelter.

For Discrimination, that would depend on if you are speaking of discrimination in hiring or housing, those are handled by different branches of the law.

Persecution for religious beliefs, I would go to the ACLU and to the https://www.thomasmore.org/

Of course, again, their pastor and the nearest Catholic Charities are there to help parish families in domestic abuse situations!


I did contact the pastor there was no assistance or suggestions provided except to attend a grief support group (for people dealing with death in the famil) which was not helpful.

The domestic violence government program did not have availability …there was a six month wait list.

There should be help for all forms of violence. And passing the buck to a program that is over run, under staffed and inexperienced is not helpful.


When looking for area resources, your pastor can provide counseling, however, the Parish Secretary or the Parish Social Outreach coordinator will know the list of the shelters.

We are in a very small town, there are no “Government Domestic Violence” programs here. In fact, I don’t know of any in the state! They are all private charities.

I’ve never seen a parish that has the funding or staffing or property to operate their own Domestic Violence Shelter. All I know simply work with other churches to support community shelters.

When there is a wait list at one, we move on to the next town. If need be we help the people get to a shelter an hour away.

Seems San Antonio is blessed to have one run by Catholic charities https://www.domesticshelters.org/tx/san-antonio/78207/catholic-charity-guadalupe-home#.WtTO8ojwaM8 EDIT TO ADD, seems this is a home for pregnancy.

Here is the link for DV services https://ccaosa.org/catholic-charities-counseling-center


Right they do. I actually tried to call their domestic violence number on the Catholic Charities website to ask for advice but their phone messaging system is not working. Half way through the English recording it just hangs up. I notified the Catholic Charities by calling the ma N number but they were not interested in helping solve the problem or get me through to them.


This page should help, you can email your request right on the screen or they list 5 phone numbers, facebook, pintrest, etc. https://ccaosa.org/contact


Thank u. I sent a message through the contact form. I called Catholic Charities on Friday’s and the legal department for victims of domestic violence is still broken. It disconnects half way through the English recording still. I called the main number to Catholic Charities and they were not able to help me get through still.


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