What good movies have you seen that probably no one else has ever heard of?

I’m talking low-budget, “B” movies that were really good that never got the attention they deserved. Awesome, but ignored movies. What have you seen? Here are a few I can think of off-hand:

Lost In America - with Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty.
Bagdad Cafe w/ C.C.H. Pounder and Jack Palance
Pontiac Moon w/ Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen
Rapa Nui w/ Jason Scott Lee and Esai Morales. Highly recommend this one! It’s about Easter Island and what happened to those people.

I’ll add more as they come to mind.

Miss Firecracker

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Dersu Uzala.
My Left Foot.


Plan 9 from Outer Space. Great comedy, not supposed to be one, but very funny to watch.

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Oh, man. There was another one from that same era that I’ve been trying to recall. I can’t remember the name, but I remember one scene where there was a row of large glass cylinders full of liquid (I think) and each cylinder had a Martian in it. And their eyes were staring and I think their brains were exposed also. Huge brains. Do you have any idea what movie that was?

I don’t think so, but I love those types of movies, so now I want to find it.

It freaked me out when I first saw it! :grimacing::crazy_face: Oh, and how can I forget Eraserhead? A classic!

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Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (You need two cans of air freshener while view this film)
Billy The Kid Vs Dracula (This one requires 3 cans of air freshener)
A Boy And His Dog (A weird movie, but not bad, starring Don Johnson and Jason Robards)

Oops you said good movies, but hey. :upside_down_face:


Now that is one really strange movie!

Still trying to figure that one out, and doubt that I ever will! :grinning: :wink:

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Is that the one where the dog is telepathic?

No one can figure it out. Remember when they cut into the roast sparrow or whatever it was and it bled and it’s legs wiggled? :grimacing::nauseated_face:

Yes indeed that is the one.

I just remembered some more good ones:

Ben Hur (1925) with Ramon Novarro. This was excellent. As good as the Charleton Heston version.

Speedy w/ Harold Lloyd. (1928) Very funny.

Beauty and the Beast (1946) French film.

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Le Ballon Rouge. The music haunted me for years because I didn’t know where it came from until I rented the movie for my kids.

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Oh yes!

This version of Beauty and the Beast is really excellent! Good call! :heart:

I probably never would have thought of it!

Happy Birthday, Casilda! :heart: :tada: :confetti_ball: :balloon: :sparkles: :sparkler: :clinking_glasses: :champagne:

Another New Year’s baby!!

Wishing you all of the very best, today and in the days to come!

Wishing you health, happiness, and many blessings! :heart:


Jim Hensen’s, The Dark Crystal. If you think of a Gelfling as a Hobbit, it will make sense.

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I really liked this movie at the time it came out, which is when I saw it.

If I recall correctly, there were many who thought that it was a bit “too dark,” but I liked it. I loved the creatures in the movie. I thought that they were very creative. :slightly_smiling_face:

The Red Balloon. I think I saw that one. It was good, as I recall. :grinning:

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Really? Someone else has actually seen it?! Great minds think alike!!!:rofl:

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