What happends during Radical Sanation?

Is there any paperwork or ritual which must happen when receiving a Radical Sanation?

I met with my priest today (not the Pastor) regarding a Radical Sanation. He said that I can now receive Communion.

When I asked if there was a ritual or paperwork, he said he didn’t think so. He is going to check with a Cannon Lawyer at the Archdiocess.

I was kind of expecting a ritual, set prayer, and/or form to file with the Church. Does anyone know?

Thank you and God Bless.

What on earth is Radical Sanation? I have been a Catholic all of my 77 years and have never heard of it! Please enlighten me. Is it anything like a General Confession?

“The radical sanation of an invalid marriage is its convalidation without the renewal of consent.” A radical sanation can only be granted by your bishop, not a priest.




My husband & I received a Radical Sanation a few years ago.

I was the one who was seeking it, so I had to write a letter, detailing the how’s why & wherefore’s of our marriage. The priest who helped me had to have all of our Sacramental records, a copy of our civil marriage certificate and fill out a form from the Marriage Tribunal and send it to the Bishop’s office.

After about 8 weeks, the priest received a letter that the Sanation was granted, and to send a copy of said letter to the parishes where we were Baptized so that our records could be updated, with the instruction that the date of marriage listed is that actual date of the marriage (in my case, 19 years prior) with the notation RS. There was no ceremony, no prayers, as it is really an “administrative” function. We did, however, have our rings blessed and we were blessed with the traditional marriage blessing, at my request, and the delight of the priest who helped me. :slight_smile:

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