What happened between 304 and 308 AD


As perused through the list of the popes I realised that there was a gap between 304 and 308 pliz may I know from you who may have a clue about what happened.
It threatens the idea of unbroken succession and this may give the fundamentalists another grip. Thanx Augustine


This article describes the conditions at the time and why the election of a new bishop of Rome might have been delayed. Be that as it may, apostolic succession is possible as long as there is a single validly ordained bishop left in the world to validly ordain other men as bishops.


There have been several times when the election of a new pope was delayed for various reasons. This should not trouble you at all. Even today, there is a delay-- although minimal with modern ease of travel.

A delay-- be it days, weeks, months or years-- in no way negates unbroken Apostolic Succession for that is not what unbroken succession means! It is not referring to time.


Good point. Why is a delay of 4 years fundamentally different than a delay of a few weeks?


Hey Todd…which document talks about the possibility of succession as long as 1 bishop is left??


See Canon Law (1012-1014). The minister of the sacrament is a consecrated bishop. Current Canon Law requires the presence of at least two additional consecrated bishops, for a total of at least three consecrated bishops, at the ordination of a new bishop but a dispensation can be granted from this requirement for additional bishops.


Thank you very much for those informed answers. Now I have got enough to tell my brethren. Thank you once again and may the good Lord continue to bless the work of your hands.


If I recall correctly, that period was also during the reign of the emperor Diocletian, the last emperor to engage in large-scale persecution of Christians.


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