What happened here?

This is something I’ve mentioned in Water Cooler forum a few days back.

I was at work a couple of nights ago and I found myself largely alone, working on some things I had to do. Now whilst I was doing this, something odd happened. I had said a small prayer, only to find myself smelling a VERY strong smell of roses, which lasted some time.

Now I was by myself in the room at the time (so it couldn’t be anyone else’s cosmetics or make up), I wasn’t wearing any sort of cosmetics which could produce the smell and there was NOTHING in the room which could have produced the smell.

Any explanations?

You might have had a Marian or angelic visit, or encouragement. I suppose it’s always possible that there was some natural explanation, or your brain just happened to kick in with a smell of roses, but it also could have been spiritual encouragement.

I doubt very much if it was demonic. So I’d just say you got a sign if you like, possibly from Mary.

I can’t say if I’ve ever had a scent of roses - my wife tells me I can’t smell anything, but that’s only her female sarcasm. But early on in my Christian walk I did get a “double whammy” like a breath going through me in waves from head to foot, and it was at a time when I was feeling very cynical about Christianity in general. I’d been wondering if it was true, and not just a psychological prop. It was used to highlight the words, “… a man after my own heart…”

When I mentioned it to my pastor, his opinion was that he thought it was simply encouragment from God. He said, “He knew you’d been going through a difficult time, and your state of mind, so He gave you some encouragement.”

I don’t know your circumstances, but in your case I think it might have been an acknowledgement of your prayer and faith, in the form of a strong smell of roses.

I had that happen to me once, when I as thinking a charitable and Christian thought… I forget what exactly I was thinking but I know it was one of love… And I too was alone in the room. What were you thinking about when this happened?

(Edit) Ooops, oh I see you said you had just said a small prayer. Do you remember what the prayer was?

It makes me think that you got a sign from either Our Lady or St Thérèse! What a lovely thing to experience!

I’m glad you mentioned this because I’ve had that happen to me also. It’s been a while though twice I’ve woken up to the scent of roses in the middle of winter. The first time it was so strong that I almost couldn’t go back to sleep. I imagined it was the scent of detergent or some perfumed item in my home that I’ve not run into during my waking hours. Also, I suffer from nasal allergies that are worst during the winter season which wrecks my sense of smell.
I have searched, but unfortunately, I have never met a rose with that same sent. I’m glad you experience this event also because to me, it’s a scent you will never forget and always wish for it more. :slight_smile:

I’ve never smelled roses but one time my mom and I smelled incense in the car (we don’t have any), this was after Mass but we were sitting far from the altar and we were already driving a considerable distance when this happened. The smell of incense was very strong, and we noticed it right when we came across “O Holy Night” on the radio: it was last Christmas eve and we couldnt’ find any Christmas music on the radio. :slight_smile:

I think that sometimes these things happen, - with roses it would be Our Lady of St Therese, or another Saint! :slight_smile:

Our Lady, St. Therese the Little Flower and St. Padre Pio are all associated with roses. I hope it was one of them!

In 1998 after my mother’s sudden death, I went back to work one early morning after the funeral. Sadness swept over me and I was praying rosary. All of a sudden, I smell sweet roses. I walked around to see if anyone had roses on desk. None. And it was early, people had not arrived yet. Then I realized the rose scent was a comfort sent by the Holy Mother.

Considered sometimes to be s sign of divine graces…eg see Saint Pio

Why me though? I’m not Catholic…

After the other witnesses confirming it was probably Mary, St. Therese, or one of the other saints, them perhaps you’re getting a signal via the rose scent **and this forum **that you SHOULD be Catholic.

It might be time to start thinking about it.

Problem I have is that even if This is a call from the saint or Mary for me to serve the Church, I just don`t feel I could personally live up to the teachings and doctrines of the church.
I think it is time for me to speak with a priest…because now I am a combination of scared, really overjoyed and confused.

It is a nice consolation you recieved…I wouldn’t fret about it. Happened to me after my mom’s funeral and my wife experienced it with me. This was three weeks after that accident I told you about. Samson

If it’s a call from Mary or a saint, then maybe it would be a good idea to speak with a priest. There’s a reason for it - I can tell you that much.

And none of us live up to the teachings or example of Christ, or the saints. Even some saints were considerable sinners at one stage.

St. Augustine fooled around with those women for a long time before he decided he’d better get serious about it. St. Ignatius of Loyola was a soldier seeking worldly fame and fortune who only became a saint because his leg came off second best in a duel with a cannon ball, and the enforced lay off meant he had time to do some reading.

I smelled roses very strongly once when decorating a statue of the Blessed Virgin in my home with (fake, non-scented) flowers. There was nowhere it could have come from and it actually took me a while to realize, ‘hey! I don’t remember these fake flowers having any scent!’ lol. I am very grateful for the experience. It is a blessing and a sign that has a unique meaning for every case. God bless you.

I’m reminded of a quote of St Augustine: ‘‘I have been all things unholy. If God is able to work through me, he is able to work through anyone’’.

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