What happened in your life when you began trusting and obeying God?

Was it or, is it hard? Did you experience peace?

There are levels to trusting and obeying.
The Ten Commandments/moral teachings of the Church are the first step.
There is a certain point at which virtue is it’s own reward (if you always tell the truth, peopke will trust you, for instance), but expect a certain amount of suffering in this life.

Life became real . My physical strength increased along with better hand coordination . Relationships and friendships were healed. Finances improved drastically , i became 2x more intelligent . Best levelup ever.

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At 64 I may be just beginning. I need to remember all the times God saved me. Usually it was related to driving and how close I came to causing an accident in spite of how careful I am. I can trust God because he saved me before I even realized I needed it.

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