What happened to Dave and Susan Konig?

Anyone know what happened to Dave ans Susan Konig’s radio show “Speak Now” on The Catholic Channel on Sirius? They used to be on weekday mornings after “Seize the Day”. I checked on the Catholic Channel website and theshow isn’t listed anymore and they are not on the Personalities page.
What happened?:shrug:

Those of us who are on Dave Konig’s My Space friends page got an email stating they were going on to other show biz ventures. Nothing more was said.

It was sad that this happened the same time Fr Paul died suddenly.

Thanks, Elaine.
I kept meaning to check out Dave’s My Space but just never did. What a bummer. Seems like I missed a couple of weeks and they were gone!
Thanks again for replying.

I am so sorry to hear about Susan and David. I really enjoyed listening to them on Sirius. Please get the message to them

Did we ever find out what happened?
I was just on Susan’s myspace page and it still says that they are on the Catholic channel… which of course, they aren’t.

They just left like thieves in the night, which was a terrible way to treat their listeners and fans. At least give some sort of goodbye on air, instead of a stupid Myspace message.

Oh well. The Catholics Next Door is a much better radio program. Greg and Jennifer Willits are a great husband and wife combo, and I’ve been blessed to have them in my home via SiriusXM!

Apparently Dave Konig is no longer Catholic, according to his posts on Facebook.


Did he actually say he wasn’t Catholic, or did he just use questionable language. If it’s the latter, that wouldn’t make him non-Catholic.

One of his recent status updates:

Dave Konig is wondering if anyone would be interested in a funny one man show about a half-assed Jew who converts, becomes a devout Catholic, then a lapsed Catholic, then reconverts back to a somewhat less-than-half-assed Jew…

and on his info page under religion he lists himself as “jewboy.”

Apparently he has gone back to being a Jew, which may explain his sudden exit from The Catholic Channel…

wonder what Susan thinks of it.

That’s odd…one doesn’t have to necessarily give up their Jewish heritage when they become a Catholic. He’s still Jewish, not a half-assed Jew. If I was Jewish, I’d be offended big time.

I was thinking the same thing!

I just ran across an announcement that Dave Konig will be performing a show called, “Hebrew School Drop Out: Or: How I Converted From Judaism to Catholicism and Back to Judaism AND Lost Those Stubborn Last 10 Pounds!” on eu.brownpapertickets.com/event/93545. The description: Three time Emmy Award winning comedian Dave Konig goes from being a Hebrew School dropout to a national spokesman for the Catholic Church and back again in this very funny one man show. It’s a journey of faith - with really bad Mapquest directions! Part of “April is Comedy Month” at What Exit? Theatre Company, Dave is joined by Mike Marino and a great rendition of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. It’s all laughs in April!!

Is this saying David is no longer a catholic?


It would appear from the title of his current show and the posts above that, yes, he as reverted back to being Jewish.

I wish I knew the rest of his story.

My guess is:
Susan ran off with an orthodox rabbi and is living somewhere in Monsey NY
Seriously it was a funny show. They had comedian John Priest on their conversion show.
John said, “With a Jew it’s not a conversion but a continuation. I read the Old Testament and just kept on reading and discovered Christ. Continuation not conversion.” John’s book is “Confessions of a Jewish Priest.”
Getting back to Susan (I love her) she should have done more on the show with her brains and wit. Plus she is catholic and this is the catholic channel. Susan and Dave have great promise and would love to see more of them.

PS Susan would run off with an orthodox rabbi just to give her husband material for his next act! That’s true love.

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