What happened to head covering for women?

I’ve been raised Catholic and just now, as an adult (post Vatican II), thinking about women and covering of the head. I find myself “re-discovering” my Catholicism and embracing the rich Catholic traditions and find myself feeling closer to God and Jesus because of this.

It is my understanding that after Vatican II, many women stopped covering their heads at mass – even though it was not written anywhere that this “tradition” should be ended?

It seems that the Vatican II “updates” somehow, written or unwritten, “liberated” women and encouraged them to be more similar to men? (even though it seems the bible encourages us to embrace the differences of the male and female).

Growing up (in the 80’s), I do not recall seeing any women with veils in church. However I do find a few women in my current parish who wear a veil during Mass.

I often feel as though other Christian denominations “conveniently” only adhere/read/apply certain parts of the bible to their life. I have never thought that about the Catholic Church. But feel like I am missing something in my spiritual life after reading Corinthians 1, chap. 11. It seems like with “modernizing” we have omitted these teachings?

I hope that I will understand more from your response as I do not have theology training.

My hope is that the church relies on the bible and sacred tradition in this matter and not on personal preference or “calling”… which can get so muddled when left up to the human heart.

Thank you!:slight_smile:

The following links should help answer your questions about head covering for women. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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