What happened to LoveToBeCatholic.com?

I used to love going to a website called LoveToBeCatholic.com that had lots of videos and other great articles on the faith. Did anyone else use this site? It appears to be down now. Does anyone know what happened to it?

Stand by for a bit of internet sleuthing. :o

A WHOIS search shows that the domain name is currently owned by Castlepeak, with a physical address located in suburban Minneapolis. A Google Maps search of that address shows that it is a house in a residential neighborhood.

A Google search for Castlepeak turns up an investment/loan company in Minneapolis But the persons listed on the company website do not include the name of the person listed as the contact in the WHOIS listing, so that may be a false lead.

The WHOIS listing shows that the domain name was registered in April 2006, which is pretty much when the LoveToBeCatholic website came online (according to the records at Archive.org). So it stands to reason that the person or persons behind the LoveToBeCatholic website is still the owner of the domain. The disappearance of the website doesn’t seem to involve cybersquatting.

Perhaps you can send a letter to the contact person for LoveToBeCatholic.com? Here is a WHOIS search, with the contact information:


oops… I just noticed your user name. :blush:
You’ve probably done already done the checking I just listed.

Haha. I may be a software developer but, to my embarrassment, I am not as familiar with internet sleuthing as you are. Thanks for the info

Do you want so start one with me and other Catholic guys who are willing to put some time to it?

I am not a Native English Speaker but I would like to create something and I have some ideas:

*]Homilies of priests: sometimes you hear homiles that you want to bring with you home but you cannot. You desperate because the homily ws so beautiful and motivating but … ended. Morevoer, more desperate you are when you see that the priest had the homily written, surely by computer, what makes publishing the easiest thing of the world.
*]so, asking of homilies in the English-Speaking world would lead to a tsunami of material I guess, but I may be wrong
*]of course everythign had to be copyright free, as I am not Rockfeller…
*]Hymns: as you know, before the Council Vatican II,there were hymns and a liturgy which was very, very beautiful. Some of the hymns were 1000 years old. But … all were in Latin. After Vatican II, the Church had to start to creat hymns in the various languages. It takes time. some complain that liturgy is not so beautiful as before and want to go back and want to go to the Latin Mass. But the line of the future is ont backwads but forward. So, along with beautiful creation there are some abssolutely crazy experiences. Of course, in a time of creation, you have the excellent, the very good, the good, the suficiente, the bad, the very bad, the nauseating. But that is life, that is creation. Now, I dreamt of joining the best of best of what is created in the English speaking world (voting would hel ???..) so that everyone would know that hymn wihich was made in a tiny little town of the tiniest state to the smalles english-speaking country.
*]I have s hosting slot, I work with Joomla and Drupal, though I know nothing of programming, I have a shared hosting slot, but I guess this would need a special (unique), private server … I guess that it would be better on a hosting company as if you have it at home they’ll hack you in seconds.

I have many other ideas but it is enough
Just dreaming… You do not pay for it, that’s the advantage…

For homilies, go to www.GreatCatholicHomilies.com, which has homilies of priests in the U.S., either summarized, or the entire homilies, and sometimes with audio recordings of them.
These are all of good priests and faithful to the Magisterium.

Try this site: catholic-tube.com/

It’s very similar.

Or you can try the European version: www.gloria.tv

This one is very good.

Thanks for the youtube links.As someone returning to the Catholic faith,I will definitely check them out.

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