What happened to the generic Apologetics category?


I can no longer go to the generic Apologetics-none category, even by going to a direct link. It just redirects me back to the “There are no posts in Apologetics”.

Does this mean that all the Apologetics threads and posts are lost?

Why would all Apologetics be deemed to fit into “Sacred Scripture” or one of the other sub-categories? Obviously this is untrue. The sub-categories are supposed to serve the category, not the other way around.

It would be okay to turn general Apologetics into a subcategory. But don’t lose it forever!


Did you try selecting the “none” sub category? It’s a quirky think there and I think in a couple of other headings.


What theme are you using? Dark theme is still experiencing glitches apparently.

I’m on default theme and when I go to Apologetics and Catholic Living I have to change it to “none” to see those categories.

I was hoping that all the changes last week might have addressed it, but I guess not. :expressionless:


Yes, it would be nice if they focused on fixing issues rather than apparently unnecessary changes.


Just jumping into this - on dark theme, there is no longer the option to select “none” for Apologetics or Catholic Living. There does appear to be the option on the default theme.


Yes, it seems to be the dark theme that was the problem. I now am on the light theme, and I have all the categories and a reply button. Thanks, everybody!


It might be worth messaging the webmaster (if you prefer or need to use the dark theme). I assume they know about the issues, but you know what happens when you assume.


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