What happened to the Mohammed thread?


It was very active. Now when I try to go back and look at it, I am unable to access the page. When I do a quick history of my posts, the ones on that thread are gone. What’s up?


I think it was cut because it went way over a thousand posts, and also I made the mistake of speaking my mind about what I think about the antichrist Mohammad. I expect I will soon be banned. sorry.


There were many uncharitable posts in that thread. Tempers ran a little high, I think. Perhaps the moderators just decided to remove it totally.


I’ve done some checking around. Some of the people who posted to that thread are now having their account reviewed. Because it was getting to be so hostile, that’s probably why it was taken away, if not forever, then at least until the moderators can remove or at least edit some of the more uncharitable posts.


Yes it did get out of hand I just recieved the last posts and they were very mean. I was also getting ready to unsubscribe from it because honestly it was going nowhere. There was no charity at all. Just accusations flying everywhere. I know I threw in my 2 cents. And although I dont agree with Islam there has to be a point when you just let them be and think for themselves we cant convert them only God can.



I pulled that thread for review by Rachel Malloy.
Please review the Enforcement section of the Forum Rules and the Banned Topics Policy.
This thread is now closed.
Michael Francis

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